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BF3 Beta Impressions

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  • BF3 Beta Impressions

    Post 'em here!

    1. Battlelog is a great feature, and I'm growing to like it. The platoon system is kind of cool (Steam groups), but the party system doesn't really allow for nice and easy squad intermingling. Not a fan of that.

    2. Assault is really a medic, just like in BF2142. They get ARs, med kits, and defibs.

    3. The beta-launch confusion stabbings are a thrill and a half. Just flank the attackers and grab 5+ dog tags easily :)

    4. Flashlights in the metro tunnels are incredibly useful. They basically blind whatever you're looking at, and it's an awesome feature of BF3. Love it!

    5. I think I saw someone throw out smoke - any word on this?

    6. People seem to be doing pretty good with RPGs. I'm kind of surprised - the RPGs fly slow, and the damage isn't that great.

    7. Snipers are great for the long, straight corridors in the metro.

    8. The end of round screen doesn't allow me to type 'gg' or some round impressions. I'm kind of bummed out about that.

    9. Most "System errors" when joining a game just mean you need to reboot your PC. My SSD allows me about 30s for a reboot, so it's not that inconvenient. If you get the red system error message in battlelog, just reboot - fixes it for me every time.

    10. Strategical med hub deployments, for defenders around tight corners are a gold mine of points. Love it!

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    Re: BF3 Beta Impressions

    Beaten to it by Kappa, heh!




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