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Dice vetting reviewers.

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  • Dice vetting reviewers.

    There have been some unfortunate developments with EA Norway and the way they’ve been handling access to Battlefield 3 review copies. According to Norway’s top news outlet, NRK, EA has withheld review copies of Battlefield 3 to reviewers whom they thought would give the game a bad score. A number of Norwegian gaming outlets, including popular ones like, have been refused review copies of Battlefield 3 due to their review scores of past Battlefield games.

    Furthermore, EA inquired potential reviewers of Battlefield 3 to see whether they were Call of Duty fans, whether they played the beta and if they were frustrated with the beta. You can see the full list of questions above.

    EA’s actions in this case have been criticized by Norway’s top journalists, like Gunnar Bodahl-Johansen from Norway’s School of Journalism, calling EA’s actions “unacceptable”, adding, “It is a sad situation for both EA and game journalism that it appears that this is normal.”

    EA has been quick to issue an apology, with EA Norway marketing manager Oliver Sveen saying “this should not have been sent out. We have made ​​a mistake and we apologize. This is not something that neither should have happened earlier or what we intend to continue”.
    the more I hear about this game and DICE the more I wish I werent too lazy to cancel my preorder. Truth is, I probably will never even install.

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    Re: Dice vetting reviewers.

    There is a topic for this already. When in doubt, use the search function.




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