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COMMUNITY Info, Rules, and Operating Procedures

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  • [INFO] COMMUNITY Info, Rules, and Operating Procedures

    Welcome to BF3 at Tactical Gamer

    Tactical Gamer is the premiere online gaming community for mature gamers of all ages. Our Battlefield community has become one of the best known for its high quality squad leaders, strategy, tactics, team play, and fun.

    Tactical Gamer will provide an unparalleled Battlefield 3 experience on its servers as teamwork is required and there is no tolerance for abusive conduct, including team killing, spawn camping, swearing, racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour.

    Whether you're new to TG, or new to BF3, this document will provide links to the information you need to be a part of this community.

    It is required reading for all members.

    Tactical Gamer Primer
    The Primer describes the philosophy that TG is based on, and which applies to all games played here. It is the foundation for all other rules and principles.

    Basic Rules of Conduct
    The Basic Rules of Conduct set the expectation for behavior on the forums and in-game.

    Contacting Administrators and dealing with problem players
    Tactical Gamer has an active and involved administrative staff. When a problem is encountered in game, teamspeak, or the forums, there are multiple ways to contact an administrator for assistance.

    While informing visitors of server and TG rules and principles is encouraged, at no point should players issue warnings or threats, or retaliate.

    In game you can write "Admin reporting <player> <issue>" and an administrator will be notified.

    In Teamspeak you will see a channel called "Need an Admin?", you can also join that and someone will be with you shortly to discuss any issues.

    There is also a separate forum for contacting administrative staff. Registered forum-members will only be able to see threads THEY create, and will not be able to see other player's threads.

    For more detailed info, see the thread "How to make Reports" linked below.

    Are you banned? Kicked? Or can't join the server?
    Sometimes these are simple misunderstandings and other times there are very important reasons people are banned from our servers. Admins at TG follow a "three strikes" policy for most rule breaches, where a player will be warned, then kicked, then banned on subsequent offenses. Serious and obvious breaches can result in an instant kick or an instant ban.

    To appeal a ban, or for any other queries, please start a thread in the Contact an Admin forum.

    Joining TG and wearing the TG tags
    Tactical Gamer is an online gaming community, not a clan, anyone is welcome to join, and there is no formal joining process. By understanding and agreeing to the principles laid out in the primer, you can be a TG member just by registering on the forum! Then please take a moment to introduce yourself, and join a TG BF3 Platoon and add some friends.

    Wearing the [TG] tags in-game is not required, but it signifies an agreement that you have read and understand the primer and will adhere to the TG way of playing as well as the server rules and SOPs as you are now a representative of the community.

    Supporting Memberships
    One of the many ways that players can show their support for Tactical Gamer is through purchasing a supporting membership (SM). Supporting memberships are the major component to keeping the lights on here at Tactical Gamer.

    Becoming a supporting member is not a requirement, nor does it make your opinion more important than others. Supporting memberships are one way to show your appreciation for the services offered by Tactical Gamer and also comes with a few perks, such as Reserved Slots on most game servers letting you connect instantly without wait.

    IHS system
    An In-House Squad (IHS) is simply a group of players who have banded together under a single title or tag within the Tactical Gamer (TG) community. These players have the desire to work together as a unit within the greater TG team.

    You will see IHS squads wear TG tags similar to [TG-70th] or [TG21], denoting that they are members of the Tactical Gamer 70th or 21st divisions. The IHS tags can only be worn by approved in-house squads and their members.

    Except for the Irregulars IHS, all IHS members must be Supporting Members.

    Community Expectations
    The community Expectations explains what to expect immediately following release of the game, how we intend to move forward, details on what's expected of you, the player, and what you should expect from your admins.
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    Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

    What about entering enemy UCB? Obviously, that's also against server rules, and I know BF3 made that out-of-bounds for enemies, but it may be useful to add, just in case.


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      Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

      brokeback is right, even though its out of bounds enemy can fly in with jets and bomb it
      |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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        Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

        Thanks guys, currently being discussed! :)


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          Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

          Thankfully, bunny hopping will not be an issue in this game.


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            Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

            Something that also came up tonight re: "jihad jeeps".

            Generally this would be classified under "suicide tactics", but the line becomes a bit blurred when you look at it. What if the jeep is C4'd, but no suicide results as part of detonation. Similarly, I can't count the number of times I've run up to a tank, planted C4, had my cover blown, rushed to get away, and died from the backblast anyway.

            I'm thinking "suicide tactics" probably need some concrete definitions (to include air-to-air ramming).

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            - King Henry V, Shakespeare's "Henry V"


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              Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, TG Starter)

              This is why we have the TG Primer.

              Suicide tactics are not allowed, and reading the Primer should indicate why.

              3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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                Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, Server Info, TG Starter

                Feel free to remove this and send me a private message if you feel this question lives up to my handle too well but here goes. Would running and hitting prone to slide into cover be an acceptable method to attempt to avoid bullets?

                Also, I have a bad habit of jumping to try to distance myself from a grenade though, is this along the same lines?



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                  Re: Welcome to Battlefield 3 at Tactical Gamer! (VOIP, Rules, Server Info, TG Starter

                  Hey Newbie,

                  Welcome to TG. Thank you for asking!

                  While we all know the horrors of "dolphin diving" from previous BF games, BF3 does not seem to have this issue. Further, what you describe is commonly referred to as "hitting the dirt".

                  Nothing wrong with making yourself a smaller target with a better position to fire from with better cover :)




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