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Tactical Gamer Battlefield 3 Server Info

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  • Tactical Gamer Battlefield 3 Server Info

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    Re: Tactical Gamer Battlefield 3 Server Info

    Oct 26th Server Report

    Server crashes - they suck and we wish we could stop them. There are various reported bugs that are globally affecting all servers. Servers also appear to have difficulty staying up when at full load. I expect if full capacity stability is still very shakey tonight then we will be temporarily lowering the player count until a new server update releases and addresses that stability. We have noticed server stability is much better in the off hours when player counts tend to be below 50.

    As always please keep in mind that BF launches always have issues like this. With BC2 Dice was pretty quick at addressing server stability and improving server features(e.g reserved slots) - I expect the same here. Just have patience and give them time to knock out the issues.

    Other Notes:
    • If a server has dumped all players and you can not rejoin due to the "changing map" battlelog bug, you must inform an admin so they can have the server rebooted. Currently a reboot must happen to get rid of that bug.
    • TeamSync does not kick in on a server until there are 8 players on TS. It is possible however that teamsync has lost sync and needs to be restarting - please inform an admin or knyghtmare when it is clear teamsync is not working when there are clearly enough players on TS.
    • All Servers are now streaming to pbbans.




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