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    Last night, 10.25.11 the main server was full for several hours. So full that people were sitting in TS lobby trying to join and getting kicked even while loading the map. Instead of waiting around to get on server 1, remember that we have two others servers. Maybe Rush isn't your game mode of choice, but it's better than staring at a "Server Full" message, right? Also think of it as an opportunity to grow our community.

    In order to get the server seeded it needs to have 8 players. Seeding the server allows you 2 unique opportunities:
    1) You get to meet new people. There are many people who use the "Quick Match" feature who we may never get to play with if we're only using one server. Getting all 3 severs running increases the number of people who get exposed to TG.

    2) You get to have some extra fun. While we're waiting for all of the players to join and even once the game starts you have a unique experience to chat and goof around a bit. Nobody generally gets very strategic or organized until the server fills up and seeding often turns into Sniper War or Shotgun Squads. Some of my favorite experiences at TG have been while seeding a server.

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    Re: Server Seeding

    I wish we could run around and use vehicles before the round starts just like in BF2.
    Also what is the afk kick timer? Is it even possible to afk seed?




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