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TeamSync - A BF3 Squad-VOIP Solution - Teamspeak Address Here!

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] TeamSync - A BF3 Squad-VOIP Solution - Teamspeak Address Here! is pleased to announce that all three of our BF3 servers are now using

    A BF3 squad-VOIP Solution by Knyghtmare

    What is TeamSync?

    TeamSync is a server-based application that implements BF3 squad-VOIP using TeamSpeak 3. It synchronizes players on the TeamSpeak server with squads in-game.

    How Do I Use It?

    Using TeamSync is extremely simple!

    1. Download and install TeamSpeak3
    2. Connect to the TacticalGamer TS3-Server:
    (UN:Origin ID , PWD:blank)
    3. Join a TacticalGamer BF3 Server

    That's it! Once you load the map and join a squad, TeamSync will group you with the other players in your squad, and your TeamSpeak Press-To-Talk key will communicate with squad members.

    TeamSync Advanced-Comms Plugin

    TeamSync implements Squad-VOIP entirely with a server-based service. No plugins or downloads required!

    For more advanced teamwork options however, there is a client-side TS3-plugin available for download. This TS3-plugin implements SL-to-SL VOIP and team-wide VOIP! Download and installation instructions below.

    - All SL's can hear the SL-radio without the plugin. The client-side plugin only allows SL's to talk on that net.)
    - TeamSync will automatically include all SL's in the SL-to-SL radio-net, however Pilots may manually join the SL-net by typing "@SL on" or "@SL off" in text chat.

    How does it work?

    TeamSync is a server-based application that communicates with both BF3 and TS3 servers on an ongoing basis. It compares the IP addresses of players on the BF3 servers with those on the TS3 server. It understands the channel-structure of TS3, and where it finds matches, it moves those players to the appropriate TS3 squad-subchannel.

    • To support server seeding, the first 8 people on the server are kept in the same channel. Once more people begin joining, players are separated into separate squad channels.
    • TeamSync only manages players in TS's Default Channel and the BF3 Channel Family. If you move to any other channel, it will stop synchronizing you with your squad (and resume once you rejoin a managed channel)
    • A TG forum account is NOT required to use TeamSync on our servers. (Forum registration is required to use any of our other TS3 channels. Details on registering your account can be found here.)
    • If an IP match cannot be done, it falls back to comparing in-game names to TeamSpeak names. Usernames can either match soldier name exactly OR your username can contain your soldier name in brackets. ex: “KnyghtMare (SirKnyghtMare)” will match to the BF3 soldier “SirKnyghtMare”.

    Is the source-code available?

    TeamSync is freely available. Download instructions and installation support can be found here:

    How can I say thanks?

    KnyghtMare has invested a huge amount of time in this effort. If you enjoy the fruits of his labor, please consider supporting him with a donation!

    Note: For help with using TeamSync at TG, please see this thread!

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    How to setup TeamSync's Advanced-Comms Plugin

    All SL's can hear comms on the SL-radio-net by default, without this plugin. To talk on the SL-to-SL channel, you need to install this plugin:

    1. Download the Client-Plugin

    Windows x64:
    Windows x32:

    Save and extract it to the plugins directory for TeamSpeak 3 Client, typically c:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3 Client\Plugins

    2. Enable the plugin

    Open TS3, go to Settings -> Plugins, and check the box beside "SquadTalk"

    (If you don't see "SquadTalk" in the plugins list, try hitting the "Reload All" button)

    3. Assign buttons to use for SL-to-SL and Team-wide VOIP

    In TeamSpeak3, select Settings Menu, then Options.

    1) Select the Hotkeys tab.
    2) Press the [Add] button bring up the Hotkey Setup Dialog window.

    3) Ensure "On Key Down" is selected, then hit the "No Hotkey Assigned" button to choose a hotkey.
    4) Click the "Show Advanced Actions" button.
    5) Under "Plugins" choose "Plugin Command". Double-click the "<Command>" text and enter "/squadtalk squadleader start"

    IMPORTANT: You MUST repeat this same sequence again, except choose "On key release" (use the same hotkey as the 'start'), and use "/squadtalk squadleader stop" for the on-release command.

    For Team-wide VOIP, repeat the same procedure, but with the a different button, and following commands: "/squadtalk team start" and "/squadtalk team stop"
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      Re: TeamSync - A BF3 Squad-VOIP Solution

      [03.Dec.2011] Update: SL-to-SL dedicated VOIP channel now supported.




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