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TV missles are awesome + other observations

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  • TV missles are awesome + other observations

    I just had a chance to play around with some TV missiles and all the other 'end game' toys.

    The TV missiles are by FAR the most controllable compared to BF2 and BF2142. What's ridiculous about the missiles, however, is that they yet again can be fired by the pilot on the gunners seat on ground. They are however not one hit kills on ground vehicles, although I'm pretty sure they will, if not destroy, disable air vehicles.

    The ground missiles for jets are also very enjoyable, although I've yet to try coordinating with a recon using SOFLAM on ground (server full of randoms). In any case, beam scanning + ground missiles allows lightning fast strikes on ground vehicles, this can only get better with a SOFLAM.

    EDIT: you actually need 2 missiles for disabling MBT's.

    If anyone want to try using coordinated SOFLAM + jet on the map, give me a shout!

    I also tried fitting the mobile AA vehicle with the meanest AA equipment (AA missiles, AA radar, optics). I was expecting a beast, but the hostile jets managed to avoid my fire very well (they had loads of upgrades too).
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    Re: TV missles are awesome + other observations

    TV guided is kinda glitchy. Out of 10 missiles:
    -1 kills the target on impact
    -2 disables the target
    -3 hits the target but does no damage
    -3 hits the target and bounces off, doing no damage
    -1 blows up your own chopper.

    I'm also interested in how the laser targeting works. So far it looks like any lazer painted target can engaged by any weapon loaded with laser guided ammunition.
    That means i can paint a target as a recon soldier and have a jet, chopper, a tank and a javelin lock on to the laze at the same time.

    I can't wait to see the lasing being used for coordinated attacks, it's an interesting concept and most likely very powerful if used with teamwork.


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      Re: TV missles are awesome + other observations

      I'm surprised you found the tv missiles to be that bugged. They worked for me most of the time.

      As for the laser-guided missiles, I believe you are able to fire them from a longer distance. Flying a Hornet/Flanker I had to get dangerously close to scan with my onboard laser, it would have been much better if a recon had used SOFLAM.

      The scout helicopter can be upgraded with both the targeting laser AND the laser guided missiles which means you don't have to rely on a recon.


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        Re: TV missles are awesome + other observations

        TV missiles are wacky for me too. Cool when they work, but they do blow up my own chopper about 1/10 times. Also, they bounce of enemy air vehicles (and occasionally ground vehicles). I kind of think not being able to hit air vehicles is by design. I also had a weird thing where I fired it and someone was able to spawn in on my gunners seat while I was guiding the missile. I wasn't dead, but I couldn't do anything and I was stuck with a camera angle under the chopper.




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