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Different TG backgrounds and playstyles

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  • Different TG backgrounds and playstyles

    So BF3 has been about for a week for some. I've only had it for a couple days but really enjoying it.

    The TG servers are providing the cracking gameplay that I'd expected, some awesomely hilarious moments and moments of shear 'how the hell did that attack work?' (looking at John and I charging across the street to start capturing D on some map)

    BF3 at TG is pretty much taking people from every conceivable FPS title that we run here, has anyone noticed a certain playstyle associated with peoples backgrounds? Such as a difference in a 2142 vets attack plan to that of a BC2 player or ARMA player etc.

    Myself I'm not a killing machine, average around 5-10 or so kills a round. But coming from PR I'm always looking to stay alive, flank around or look for that unexpected angle of attack to get the objective.

    As a small end note I have to say it's brilliant joining the TG server, hoping onto TS, joining a squad with people that you recognise both from your own gaming or just the forums and having that basic common ground for a good game!
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    Re: Different TG backgrounds and playstyles

    It has been a joy to see all the TG players stuffing the servers with great teamwork.

    You sir, fit your name(and sig) perfectly, as the LMG toting animal from the movie. Your use of suppressive fire is excellent, as you killed me constantly as I peeked out of cover last night. Well played sir.
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