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Server update incoming... soon?

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  • [INFO] Server update incoming... soon?

    By: zh1nt0 Posted: 3 hours ago

    Hello everyone!

    Itīs sunday night over here at the office. Itīs cold and dark outside but inside one of the nicest buildings located in the heart of Stockholm, sits a team that is working on updates. We at DICE are rolling out a new server update and of course, we are posting the change log to you.

    For users, this means that you donīt need to update your client since this is a server side update.

    - Fix for crashes usually occurring during level switches. Server providers may see a little bit of memory leakage instead in this situation

    - Game servers should no longer quit in some situations where the online backend servers are down. Server will reconnect to the backend once it's up again

    - Fix for ghost servers which didn't accept connections

    - Kick reasons should better match situations where they are issued. This will help battlelog provide more accurate information to the player

    - Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots

    - Security updates

    - Improved server logging

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    Re: Server update incoming... soon?

    Server 1 updated - for 2 and 3 the provider will do it at some point.




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