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[PSA] Locking Squads

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  • [PSA] Locking Squads

    Just a little heads up for fellow TGers who might not realize this. Please be wary of locking squads. It's fine to play with friends and buddies, and I have no problem with locking squads to make sure your buddy gets in. However, do not leave a squad with only two players in it locked. If you're locking a squad please make sure you will have a full squad soon, and that your friends soon to join your squad are actually joining the server. Why is this such a problem? Well in BF3 each side is given 8 squads for 4 members, for a total of 32 players exactly. 32 to a side means a full 64 player server. I realize we're not always at full capacity and we've almost always have stragglers in the no squad group, but we should at least have the option to allow everyone to fill up these squads.

    So please just keep this in mind since DICE had only the foresight to allow us just enough slots for tactical play.

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    Re: [PSA] Locking Squads

    Does anyone know if BF3 has that silly thing like BC2 did where a squad automatically gets locked for some reason?




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