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Co-Op Unlockable weapons

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  • Co-Op Unlockable weapons

    As I am sure many of you will have noticed, there are several weapons unlockable by Co-Op, namely;

    MP412 REX
    M39 EMR

    I am trying to specialise into Recon and would really like the EMR for its 20 round mag, however it needs 252000 coop points - is anyone interested in spending a session or two with me grinding through some coop to attain the unlocks. To give you a picture one session of Fire from the Sky gave me 16911 coop xp, it will take several mission runs to get the higher tier weapons!

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    Re: Co-Op Unlockable weapons

    Myself and Britt managed to grind out the unlocks in 2 or 3 hours by doing the following:

    * Play the last mission on normal difficulty
    * Play through to the bomb on the subway
    * Go to defuse but get it wrong, bomb blows up, collect 5000 points
    * Do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again
    * ???
    * Profit


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      Re: Co-Op Unlockable weapons

      Are these weapons only unlockable through co-op? I thought I saw the MP-412 Rex in the general unlocks.
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        Re: Co-Op Unlockable weapons

        Yes, these weapons are only available through CO-OP.

        i think the helo mission is way more fun and worth it. Plus, you get to practice your gunner/pilot skills and commo stuff with a TGer, which is great practice. This coming from someone who has all the CO-OP weapons unlocked.
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          Re: Co-Op Unlockable weapons

          Your correct in as much that the REX is a general unlock, but that simply means it is available no matter your class. If you mouse over it will show you the requirements of each of the weapons under the pop up title.


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            Dingo left the SIG 553 engineer carbine out of his list. The only bad thing is that the coop guns which are good come later in the tree. The G3 is a boss, but you'll be grinding for it. Knyghtmares method works well, gets to the point you can chat about other topics in TS because you have that bit memorized.

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              Re: Co-Op Unlockable weapons

              Hit & Run can be done in just under 15 minutes and nets a good 12-15k points on hard mode. Ran it a few times with a pubbie and it wasn't too bad. A lot of the bottlenecks can just be rushed through and the points you pick up for speed make up for the points you miss out on not scoring kills.

              Also, the scripted bottleneck sequences are ridiculously easy since both you and your partner have Claymores on you. Drop the claymore, start the event, cackle manically as 1/4 of the enemy blow up from the mines (not required, but highly recommended), clean-up the rest, and move on to the next point.

              I'm using the G3, but apparently the KH2002 may be better due to the higher ROF and lower recoil. The speadsheet shows a much shorter time to kill than the G3 even if the G3 does more damage. Dang thing kicks like a mule though even on single shot.
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