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The Super-Duper Whiny Complain About Everything Thread

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  • The Super-Duper Whiny Complain About Everything Thread

    Get it off your chest in here. Spew your hate for the game forth. And let's keep the rest of the forums to productive stuff we can actually control!

    I hate the squad interface. Let me start a new squad by myself and either invite my friends to join or people who want me to SL them join.

    I hate that there is no native voip - no DICE your party crap through battlelog doesn't count.

    I hate Battlelog. I already have facebook. Give me a damned in-game server browser.

    Either design the game for a 64 player count, or cap it at a level that makes sense for the map design. You try to make everyone happy and you compromise the game integrity by doing so.

    I wanted to get revived, not to stand up. Why the hell do I have to accept a revive anyway. Why make throwing a team ticket away optional?

    Why am I in cap radius, and the blue circle is growing... and then it finishes and suddenly the flag is red. TELL ME IT IS BEING CAPPED BY THE OTHER TEAM, RETARDS.

    There. I feel better now :)
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    Great! Another thread to complain yea!!


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      Re: The Super-Duper Whiny Complain About Everything Thread

      So the thing with this thread is we already have LOADS of them, so I really don't see the need for one more. Also, do me a favour and watch your language in future, I get it was with the vein on the thread, but that does not make it acceptable.

      Thread locked.




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