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US beats RUS on Operation Metro

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  • [AAR] US beats RUS on Operation Metro

    Battlelog Report

    I wanted to give a shout out to my squad-mates (PortableCougar, LogicalL1am, & hotfranc) and US teammates for a great round on Operation Metro. The US team won 16-0 after just over 23 minutes of an exciting and grueling battle.

    hotfranc (I think it was your idea) had a great opening move to quickly smoke and sprint through the oncoming Russian team. The Russians beat us to our exit point, but one of us made it through safely and found a hiding place. From that point on, our squad always had at least one player providing a safe spawn point or we used a beacon.

    Our squad alone was never able to completely capture and hold the Russian CP long enough for other teammates to spawn in, however we continued to harass and distract the Russians long enough for our team to capture the central CP... and finally all CPs with a few minutes to go. Our team was able to take enough CPs and bleed out the Russians for a nail biting 16-0 win.

    We had some great firefights while trying to capture a CP and engaging the Russians from behind as the ran by us. It was also exciting at times while we hid and watched squad upon squad run right by us.
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    Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

    Great news Asch. It is easily possible for the US to win this map, it just takes teamwork, and less spam-n-hide from the US team.

    We (the US team) used a similar tactic of smoke and smoke and more smoke to win last night. It was not as much of a nail biter, but once we stopped the nade spam on the stairs we were able to take B from them by brute force, a lot of revives and a little flanking up the rear escalator. Once we got hold of B, we slowly pushed them out the doors and then we simply defended at the entrances with lots of medics and ammo supplies all over the place. It was the biggest ticket difference I have seen with the US winning on Metro(then again we are playing with more tickets now).

    Anyone who thinks it is hard to get up those stairs, should consider how hard it is to get in those doors when 22 people are all scoped on them.
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      Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

      Great news Guys....I had a similar round a couple of days ago that the U.S. won. We managed to get out the back door of the station near the end of the round and held all flags for the last couple of minutes. It was a great feeling to have pulled it off.

      Think we may have to post some defense at the rear doors of the station for future rounds. Sounds like smoke is the key.
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        Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

        Honestly, I think the map favors the US. The escalators closer to the US spawn has a nice place to drop spawn beacons and TUGS and is within the cap radius. They can also support an attack coming up the stairs with smoke, guns, and grenades. They have a guaranteed foothold onto the flag that RU just doesn't have, even though RU gets to the flag first.
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          Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

          a few things that i have noticed that help- use grenade launchers instead of thrown grenades, which surprise the enemy more, and due to their ability to inpact the cieling above the defenders, can be quite aggrivating to the other side. with a decent barrage of bullets and grenades keeping their heads down, all you need is concentrated push at one of the entrances to the upstairs (while hopefully not abandoning the others). multiple medics are absolutely critical. one person should essentially have their paddles out at all times until a foothold is established (and even then, a continued push still needs medics). a couple others should have paddles, should he go down. with a constant supply and health and defibs (something people on the russian side often ignore, despite sudden unexpected death being even more common there), you will eventually push your team through.

          things that do not help:
          entire teams sitting 100m from the escalators trying to snipe slivers of enemies, throwing grenades onto the escalators, ect. this is an in your face map that requires aggressiveness.

          something that shouldn't help but does: running through a lull in enemy fire, directly to the center of their group, and unloading a box of MG ammo in all directions. MG's REALLY need a CQB nerf in this game.


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            Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

            Start of the round or bust for the most part.

            I've been concentrating on break throughs on the russian side rather than spamming 320's down the stairs and usually stop 2 or 3 attempts a round that would have otherwise broken through and disrupted our vicegrip. Even with 8+ guys next to those rear escalators it can be easy to get past them as most are looking elsewhere.

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              Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

              Liked this AAR - keep em coming!

              I really like implementation of battlelog reports with forum AAR posts. Really lets us readers "see" a little bit more than ever before.


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                Re: US beats RUS on Operation Metro

                Nice AAR. I agree with Skud, the Battle Reports are definitely one of the cooler aspects of Battlelog. I'm curious how long a Report will last before it is erased as I can't imagine they will be able to keep records of every single BF3 round ever.
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