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Capturing video (and posting) help

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  • Capturing video (and posting) help

    The other night, had a few amazing rounds on the TG server, and I captured a full round with my squad. Alas, here are my issues, and hopefully someone can help me out

    the 19 minute round is 10.4 gigs in size (high quality, 1080p, 60 fps captured)

    I can't hear my own voice, just the voice of my squad

    I want to cut this movie down (There's a fwe minutes of boring, and i'd like highlights)

    Where can i post this? (Youtube has a 100mb limit no?)

    I used MSI to capture it.

    Thanks all
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    Re: Capturing video (and posting) help

    I was just gonna create a more comprehensive post regarding this. It's good to know someone else is trying these things.
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      Re: Capturing video (and posting) help

      Get VirtualDub. Download

      Very easy to use for videomaking. No fancy stuff, but very good for cutting and stuff.

      Here's a tutorial done by dbzao. Have a look at the stuff about video codecs, compressing and cutting. Very usefull. Check it out and good luck. :)

      EDIT: Silver's post from the movie making forum.
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        Re: Capturing video (and posting) help

        for future filming

        fraps has option to record your own voice too




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