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  • [INFO] SERVER Info, Rules, Settings, Platoons, etc

    Getting started with BF3

    Tactical Gamer is the premier online gaming community for mature gamers of all ages. Our Battlefield community has become one of the best known for its high quality squad leaders, strategy, tactics, team play, and fun.

    This document provides the information needed to play BF3 on our servers, use Teamspeak, and join the official TG battlelog platoons.

    Battlefield 3 Server Information
    Tactical Gamer uses standard Hardcore settings for both servers:
    • Friendly Fire is on
    • Killcam is off
    • 3d spotting is off
    • There is a start timer long enough for most to load in and some pre planning to occur.
    • Hardcore is on.
    • Conquest tickets are increased.
    • Vehicle spawn times are modified on a per-map basis.
    • Map lists are dynamic based on player count.
    • Spawn time is default.
    • Health regeneration is off 64 Player All maps
 48 Player Hardcore Conquest

    Battlefield 3 Server Rules
    While we look to the Primer and the Rules of Conduct for general behavior guidelines, the Server Rules provides specific guidance for how the Primer is applied for the Tactical Gamer Battlefield 3 Servers.

    No bunnyhopping
    Bunnyhopping is a term we use to describe ANY jumping that you wouldn't see in real-world combat. Examples of actions that are FORBIDDEN: jumping to avoid incoming fire, jumping to make yourself a more difficult to hit target, or jumping to avoid damage from your own weapon (firing grenade launcher down at the ground, e.g.)

    Do not use suicide tactics
    A suicide tactic is a tactic where there is not a reasonable expectation of survival. Battlefield 3 depicts a conventional war between technologically advanced, organized, modern armies. In this setting, soldier lives are precious, and any action that does not place a high value on one's life is forbidden. This includes tactics such as C4-quad attacks, intentionally ramming vehicles, detonating C4 on an MCOM before leaving the blast-radius, and placing C4 on friendly units.

    Do not kill teammates.
    Intentionally killing teammates for any reason is prohibited.

    All players must actively participate in a squad
    TacticalGamer servers are exclusively for players interested in tight, squad-based, vocal teamwork. Joining a squad, while required, is not enough; all players must actively contribute to the squad's objective. A squad with four players all over the map, doing unrelated things is not 'teamwork'.

    All players are REQUIRED to follow orders from their squad leader.
    If there is a SL giving orders, follow them. If an SL asks you to do something, you do it. Failure to follow orders can result in removal from the server.

    Conquest Only: Players and resources must be established outside their main base by leaving it or firing from within it before being targeted.
    This rule exists to promote game-play that's focused around capturing and defending flags and preserves both sides' ability to reinforce throughout the round. The Un-Capturable main Base (UCB) is intended to be the point of reinforcements for each team and is out of bounds (OOB) for the opposing team.

    Clarifications and guidelines for UCB Rule
    • Do not exploit the protection that the OOB zone in your UCB provides in order to engage opposition.
    • Base protection assets such as stationary anti air and anti tank weapons within the UCB may be used to engage opposition.
    • The UCB is not inteded to be a safe haven. Anyone firing out of the UCB, or withdrawing back into the UCB, is a valid target for the opposition.
    • If you have a specific reason, you can engage a specific established enemy in the UCB. Then you must stop and withdraw. Attackers must avoid collateral damage.
    • Do not look for an excuse to attack the enemy UCB.

    There are no restrictions concerning main bases in Rush Mode.

    Teamspeak Information
    Teamspeak is used extensively to coordinate movements in the game and players are strongly encouraged to join the server to be able to participate in squad communications.

    Since BF3 is lacking native squad VOIP, TG uses TeamSync, a server-based application that implements BF3 squad-VOIP using TeamSpeak 3 by automatically placing BF3 players in the appropriate channels based on the squad they are in.

    Game channels should ONLY be used for squad communications. Personal opinions, personal reactions, and other non-critical communications have no place in a game channel. For that level of interaction, please use the Lobby channel.

    Until you link your Teamspeak account with your forum account, you will only have access to the BF3 Game Channels, the Default and Help channels.

    To get started with TG TeamSpeak:
    1. Download and install TeamSpeak3
    2. Connect to the TacticalGamer TS3-Server:
      UserName: Your Origin / Battlelog Soldier name
      Password: Leave blank
    3. Join a TacticalGamer BF3 Server

    That's it! You're done!

    You will be automatically moved from the Default channel once you join our BF3 server

    Official TG Battlelog Platoons
    The TacticalGamer platoons are a great way to make friends and find people to play with. Platoons can only hold 100 members, as they get full, TG admin staff will create new platoons.

    Contacting Administrators and dealing with problem players
    Tactical Gamer has an active and involved administrative staff. When a problem is encountered in game, teamspeak, or the forums, there are multiple ways to contact an administrator for assistance.

    While informing visitors of server and TG rules and principles is encouraged, at no point should players issue warnings or threats, or retaliate.

    In game you can write "Admin reporting <player> <issue>" and an administrator will be notified.

    In Teamspeak you will see a channel called "Need an Admin?", you can also join that and someone will be with you shortly to discuss any issues.

    There is also a separate forum for contacting administrative staff. Registered forum-members will only be able to see threads THEY create, and will not be able to see other player's threads.

    For more detailed info, see the thread "How to make Reports" linked below.

    Are you banned? Kicked? Or can't join the server?
    Sometimes these are simple misunderstandings and other times there are very important reasons people are banned from our servers. Admins at TG follow a "three strikes" policy for most rule breaches, where a player will be warned, then kicked, then banned on subsequent offenses. Serious and obvious breaches can result in an instant kick or an instant ban.

    To appeal a ban, or for any other queries, please start a thread in the Contact an Admin forum.
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    Re: Getting started with BF3 (Server Info, Rules, Settings, Platoons, VOIP)

    Rules updated 12/05, discussion here.


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      Re: Getting started with BF3 (Server Info, Rules, Settings, Platoons, VOIP)

      ECHO Platoon now open, added to Guide.
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        Re: SERVER Info, Rules, Settings, Platoons, etc

        Minor question, is the server supposed to be requiring the expansion pack to join, because I can't join the server because I haven't bought the back to karkland pack.

        I would rather not let EA steal $16 more dollars from me, because TBH, I'm getteing close to requesting a refund from EA because even after going through tech support I can't get the game to launch into a multi-player


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          Re: SERVER Info, Rules, Settings, Platoons, etc

          Yes, the servers run the Back to Karkand maps. With all the frustration with the main game I understand that you and many others don't want to spend more money, but the Karkand maps are much better than the BF3 vanilla maps. They're arguably even better than their BF2 counterparts with more open buildings and Destruction.

          If you can get the game to run, they're highly recommended.




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