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[AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

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  • [AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

    Battlelog link – sorry, no screenshots:

    Last night, we ran an “experimental” squad that was devastatingly effective. Skud ran the squad, with Flipmode, BrokeBack and me.

    We started out on US side, and Skud wanted to run recon for the round. He said he’d set up a SOFLAM above Bravo (I think it may have been on the hills between Bravo and Alpha). He asked Flippy and me to grab a tank, and Broke used the Little Bird.

    I had recently unlocked the 3rd seat in the tank – the laser designator. Flippy packed the guided rockets, and I was gunning for him. I switched between the F2 gunner seat to mop up infantry and the F3 seat to laser hostile armor that Flipmode could kill with guided rockets.

    With that setup, we were extremely effective. Skud was so high up on the hill that he could SOFLAM their armor all the way on Echo. He was locking tanks, mobile AAs, attack helis, Little Birds … anything past Echo was lased almost instantly. Every 20 seconds we’d hear him say something was locked.
    Flipmode used the guided rockets for … I would estimate, about 40-70% of his kills. Skud or I would lase something, and Flip would take it down with the guided missile or just plain tank shots. He shot down several tanks, and even a few choppers. We never managed to kill a jet, but we kept it SOFLAM’d so it’d panic and stay off Broke’s back.

    Once we grabbed Alpha Bravo Charlie, Flip and I laid back on Charlie, while most of our team’s infantry went for Delta. Because the tank was staying back (not rushing Echo), Flippy had a buffer where he could lock onto hostile armor and destroy it with guided rockets. They had infantry move in for Charlie several times, but Skud would spot them from far off, and Flip and I could clear them out before they ever got close to flag-cap radius. The map stayed consistent most of the round – US holding ABC, RU holding E, and a fight around Delta. Our squad could have been more aggressive, but that very likely would have backfired and we would have lost bleed.

    After a while, their jet started bothering us with air-ground missiles, but I would simply repair the tank each time. I don’t think we went down even once, though Flip and I have a death each.

    Such a spread-out and task-specific squad really seems like a work of theory-craft, but we put it into practice and were very effective.

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    Re: [AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

    Kharg is a good map for using the tank like that. Relatively open, and easy to get into a central location. Coordinated tactics like that can be devastating. Good AAR.

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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      Re: [AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

      I was not above bravo, silly Zho.

      I was in my favorite-ist spot on the map :)

      Not telling where :)

      +1 good AAR :)


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        Re: [AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

        Hey! That's my spot, Skud! I was on it last night with a couple of Enginners and an ammo guy. We dominated that flag the whole round. I only got a few kills as recon and some points for the soflams use by others but the others really had fun! I'm positive that the use of the soflams are critical for winning the round, IF it is used.


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          Re: [AAR] A really strange squad on Kharg

          Very interesting: seeing as lasers are getting to be more useful (or people are just finding out that it's more useful), I think the ECM jammer will begin to get more popular, seeing that it's like the only thing that loses laser locks.
          He was told that he should not kill, and he did not kill, until he got into the Army. Then he was told to kill, and he killed.




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