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Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

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  • Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

    I tried something out this evening and I'd like some feedback from the team I was on. Earlier this evening I was on the 64 player server playing on Firestorm when Beatniks spoke up on the Teamwide VOIP asking for SOFLAM targets. I was running Recon with a SOFLAM at the time and responded I would start marking targets. After the round I kept on marking targets on Kharg and Caspian. Here's where I'd like some feedback. Whenever I marked a target, I gave a quick call out over the Teamwide, usually stating what target was marked, and where it was. If I had to move the SOFLAM, I'd say on Teamwide when it was down and when it was back up.

    I'd just like some feedback on my callouts on teamwide.
    -Was I intruding on normal squad comms in any way?
    -Were the "marked" callouts helpful to the Javelin users?
    -If I run a SOFLAM like that again should I keep doing those callouts and/or is there any way I could improve them?

    Additionally, I'd like to give a great big old shoutout to Knyghtmare for this wonderful plugin. Not sure if it was something you did, or if it was just my end, but I had key click sounds for the Teamwide Push-to-talk tonight, which was immensely helpful (to me at least). Thanks mate!

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    Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

    I wasn't there for those rounds, but as a frequent Javelin user I like your initiative. Two thumbs up!

    I think my 2 cents would be to call out if you have an air asset designated. Those targets are important enough IMO to warrant the team-wide comms. Especially if there are 2 or 3 active SOFLAM users it could get overwhelming if there is comms for every setup or lock. If I know there are active SOFLAM players I'm constantly scanning for targets to blow up.


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      Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

      I think "soflam up" and "soflam repositioning" should be ample.
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        For the record. All vehicles were rendered useless from the enemy. Anyone wanting less vehicles. . . . Run soflam, u help the team and get your wish B-)

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          Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

          Thanks Lancer for that last night. Had 2-3 ATs in my squad and rainin death on the other team's armor and air was awesome to watch. My first experience with the SOFLAM and Javelin was just the night before, so I was still learning how it worked. I thought it was a great use of the team channel though.

          Re your comms, I honestly didn't hear much, but My hearing is awful and it's hard for me to hear indiv voices in TS with lots of stuff going on. I think Grunt's suggestion in great though. A quick shout when a key target is locked should do it. Efficiency of communications is huge as a SL in this game (i.e. say as little as possible to achieve your intended outcome) and even more important to be brief in the team chat.

          Great use of the team channel for coordinating resources. I was about to give up on the anti-tank squad since no one had a SOFLAM yet, but glad you responded in team chat once I made that silly request. Big ups.


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            Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

            its great, and thats exactly what team-wide is for :p
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              Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

              When a target gets marked it pops up pretty obviously, so I'm not sure that's necessary. Announcing the mark of high-priority targets, like air assets or a tank actively engaging allied units, might be a better use. If I'm miles away, I can't see which red diamond is better to lock on to and having THAT information is a lot more useful than, say, hearing that there's a lock when I can see it.
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                Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

                How do you enable team wide chat for your own use?

                Edit NVM I found the instructions in the team speak announcement thread.
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                  Re: Feedback request - SL plugin + SOFLAM

                  I think that keeping the audio chat to a minimum is necessary for proper comms. Just a shootout "Soflam Target!" should suffice even if it is obvious to any Recon or Engineer out there. If you are broadcasting teamwide, then that would prompt some players to spawn back in with the Javelin and shutdown the enemies vehicles.

                  Do not know if the medic or support players notice the diamonds. Just got to stay clear of the Ammo boxes as that would replenish your kit with a new Soflam and you would not have access to your existing one in case you wanted to re-aim it. lol ... I fussed at one guy for putting an ammo box on me for that very reason but explained why you should not put an ammo box on a recon class unless he asks for one.




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