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Video Record of Action from 12/12/2011

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  • [AAR] Video Record of Action from 12/12/2011

    An interesting time last evening on TG Server 2. Our team cleaned up map after map -- not sure what the difference was but there did seem to be more TG tags on our side.

    On Oilfields my squad (Manner, Nightstalker, Tebar, and E-Male as SL) held E and D.

    At Caspian we took Alpha flag, left it (it immediately fell) and then retook it and kept in the entire round with brief interruptions after which we immediately regained the flag.

    On Kharg Island we held A and C.

    On Noshahr Docks we held Echo flag and had a few fun encounters with enemy helos. I think it must have been OldGunney who set the booby trap of an ammo box and a claymore that killed one of my men.

    Through the evening we maintained a defensive posture. I selected a flag or a two flag zone and we held and defended.

    When the rest of the team is doing their job, this strategy almost always contributes to a win.

    Here is 12 minutes of unedited footage -- nothing too exciting -- just a record of the TG style of command, communication, discipline, and willing cooperation.

    -1stMIP-Manner did an excellent job as my Alpha fireteam leader. Nightstalker was always responsive to orders as Alpha2 and Tebar was also equally professional.

    As Squad Leader I was a little on the sloppy side, but my men put up with me and got the job done.




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