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Simple tactics every TGer should know

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  • Simple tactics every TGer should know

    Starting with Fire and Movement.

    These are some great short clips on simple squad fire and movement operations. In BF3, they apply best only when crossing open terrain you suspect is guarded by enemies, or when you expect you are about to make contact with the enemy. (Note especially at 0:36 - Movement by Fire - crossing open terrain by suppression) (Room clearing. Note: Clear the door!!) (Bounding overwatch)

    Key to making these movements smooth is:
    1. Having done it with your team over and over
    2. Knowing where you are in your squad (pointman? rearguard?) and noting what sectors your squaddies are already covering


    I'm reminded of a great game I played. It was half-developed as a US Army squad tactics training aid.
    Full Spectrum Warrior
    You didn't control a soldier. You gave orders to a squad (2 fireteams of 4 each). It was all about tactics, not individual soldier control.

    Here's a clip from the tutorial mission about flanking and suppressive fire.
    The link starts you off right at the most interesting moment, rather than at the beginning.

    More bounding movement


    There are some other simple tips I'd like to share, but I didn't easily find videos to describe them, so I'll get back to that later.
    Meanwhile, does anyone else have any reference material that can help us "get on the same page" before we're in the game?
    BF4: Indiscrimin8

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    Re: Simple tactics every TGer should know

    Great post..

    These are all great ways to stay alive a little longer on the battlefield. Much better than just holding sprint until you die, or see someone sprinting at you. :/


    Of course E-Male has a whole series to watch, if you have a week off from work or are snowbound for some extended period of time. :row__584:

    AND just so you all know, there are classes given by Tactical Gamer University that cover much of this, PLUS they give you a bit of what is expected of all TG members in all the games we play. . . and a little pixel pin to put in your signature on top of that.
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