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Competitive Games / Team Stacking

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  • Competitive Games / Team Stacking

    Connecting to the TG server is a game of Russian Roulette. Have a few in-house squads joined one side and stacked the deck? Are you going to just be a punching bag for them? Will you have to deal with connecting to a lost game, all of the armor occupied by the other team, the air utterly dominated by enemy jets and helos?

    Short answer: no.

    While I understand that people want to play with their buddies (it's why we do this thing we do!), the lack of competitive, worthwhile games on TG servers is pretty intense. Generally, my team is either 1) curbstomping the opposition so hard that it is just a wait on the clock until we can all pat ourselves on the back and do it again next round. Or 2) getting gang-banged so hard that I wonder why should anyone play, not even as the enemy team, but as what seems like op-for to the practicing squads on the enemy team.

    There really isn't anything an Admin or TG Boards can do about this. Stacked teams and easy wins are up to the player-base to deal with. If you have won two or three rounds in a row, utterly dominating, try swapping teams and seeing how the other half lives.

    A hard fought victory is worth treble the easy win.
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    Re: Competitive Games / Team Stacking

    We just had a long discussion about this here, if there's any new thoughts or developments, feel free to PM me and we can revisit the subject.




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