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OpFirestorm CQ64 - Server A, Dec 30th 8pm EST

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  • [AAR] OpFirestorm CQ64 - Server A, Dec 30th 8pm EST

    I jumped back into the SL role tonight on TG.

    With me in the squad (and on Teamspeak) were:
    later in the round joined by Tycalt and RedBaron42

    We ran an Infantry squad with 2 Engineers and 2 Medics. Moving out in a Jeep we took A as we went by to our objective B.
    The flag at B was contested the whole round and we managed to hold on to it for most of the time. Fighting off armor, choppers and an endless stream of EI.

    Our team was able to put bleed on the enemies by holding 3 out of 5 flags for the first half of the round and built up a formidable 200 ticket lead.
    Things started to turn around quick then. By putting up soflams and running Javelin squads they managed to ground our air power and put our armor out of business. We lost most of the flags while my squad was busy keeping B from the enemy.
    With bleed turned on our team and air/armor superiority for the enemies they started gaining ground. Our ticket advantage melted away every minute. In the end our lead from early in the round payed off and we managed to win by 21 tickets.

    Shout out to my excellent squadmates and also Squad E of the opposing team with eflightguy, Squinty, namebot and Melee who put up a fierce fight for Bravo flag and had to be killed over and over again :)

    Battlelog report:
    former TacticalGamer European Division

    A Tactical Gamer since 2005 (the glorious days of BF2)

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    Re: OpFirestorm CQ64 - Server A, Dec 30th 8pm EST

    My squad ran the javelin support from high atop the hill overlooking D. We tried to be as effective as possible and were surprised to see the tickets fluctuate near the end of the match.
    We lost control of the hill near the latter half of the match because their team had a squad devoted to taking us out.

    A very memorable round indeed. We're just glad you guys put up such an excellent fight for the first half of the round.


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      Re: OpFirestorm CQ64 - Server A, Dec 30th 8pm EST

      My squad was on Delta position and held it for the 2nd half of the round. It was a fun round.




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