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Damavand Peak 05/01/12

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  • [AAR] Damavand Peak 05/01/12

    After Action Report of Damavand Peak

    This is my first AAR so please be kind.

    Squad B:

    Let me start by telling you how this map is mostly played.

    If you hold the middle flag in the tunnel you have the edge of winning.
    Sometimes people use the birds to get over the tunnel and airdrop but during this match, that did not happen.

    So I'll explain the round as best I can.

    The round started with me spawning as Agg Recon into the Bird.
    Flying over, I saw another bird and after locking on with rockets, disabled and shooting my chain guns got a 4 kill streak.
    I knew they would not continue flying over so I landed near my squad by our Uncap and went towards the tunnels.

    I did the normal clear the hallways with sniper and move up, the odd thing is our team did not move up.
    So after I died a few times I re-spawned and got into a tank.

    What I did next is something I've never done in any Battlefield game, well maybe a one man hallway rush in Tg's 2142 server but that was years ago.

    Moving up with the tank our spawned followed, repairing and moving up every so little.
    I was using the Tanks Mg to push the US back, which it worked.

    After moving and Capturing the middle flag, we were able to hold for a while.
    Using my tank I stopped both hallways from being used by US soldiers.

    Only flaw is everyone was not moving up, teamplay was happening but we were still being pushed back.

    After another tank or 2 I finally fell and was not able to get another thank to push back and cap mid.

    Teamplay was solid from the looks at how things went.

    The general idea of this AAR is to show that holding the middle flag and using tanks to their advantage works.

    Anyway, thats my first AAR, hope it was good, wish i had a video.

    PS: I'm always on the TG servers, So if you want to seed or need a squad member, add me on battlelog.

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    Re: Damavand Peak 05/01/12

    nice AAR...Glad to found TG. Best place on the net for team work gaming.

    I'm a big fan of defending the back flags for the inevitable air assault. I also like attacking the opponents back flags over the ridge with the little bird.
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      Re: Damavand Peak 05/01/12

      Had fun playing with ya, FullMetal! Good squadleading, but we just could not pull it around for the team. Other side put up a hell of a fight with most of us getting a bad K/D ratio me included. Dont happen very often. I checked on that battlelog game and found you made top honors in THREE categories! Hooah!



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        Re: Damavand Peak 05/01/12

        Originally posted by OldGunney View Post
        with most of us getting a bad K/D ratio me included
        Stat ho!


        Good AAR Metal. Feels like this week had some really great, semi to really close rounds. Last night we had a 20 point difference on Oman, which is quite rare (I should write that one up). Good squads can make a 'bad' round feel much better.


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          Re: Damavand Peak 05/01/12

          Nice first AAR. Oh how I wish there was an old truck trail that went over that mountain and CP on top of the mountain for an alternate route to get over without the helo.
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            Re: Damavand Peak 05/01/12

            Speaking of Helo, it can be flown thru the tunnel. It fits either way. I was on the conquest server trying to seed and got bored...




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