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Sharqi Peninsula

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  • Sharqi Peninsula

    * Disclaimer
    - I am making this thread just to have a simple discussion.
    - I have done what I am going to talk about due to human error and not enough knowledge of the surroundings.

    So This is an conquest assault map in where one team attacks with a three uncap bases.

    What I suggest is that defenders should be able to attack anyone, anywhere.
    This is the only map where if you own the sky and ground with assets you are at a huge handicap.

    For the helis and this is what happened with me.
    He picked up and I attacked a boat while my pilot shot missiles at the other heli that has not yet taken off.
    While he was doing so I attacked the tank that was shooting at us.

    What I'm saying is that when the round starts all the attackers heli needs to do is aim from their uncap and hit our heli.

    This is just a suggestion and does not reflect my overall gameplay.
    Please do not flame and keep this on topic.

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    Do we even play this mode at tg?

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      Re: Sharqi Peninsula

      Yes, Sharqui, Karkand, and Wake are called "Conquest assault" simple because one side has no uncapturable base.


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        Re: Sharqi Peninsula

        I think Ven was referring to the picture of the map: it only has 5 flags, not 7 like the one we play. Although it isn't really relevant to the situation FullMetal is describing.




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