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Wake Island 27/01/2012

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  • [AAR] Wake Island 27/01/2012

    The Battle for Echo
    Wake Island -- US Team -- Battlelog Record

    1stMIP-E-Male (SL)

    Initially I planned a two squad platoon with Finestyle's squad and mine but I blew the initial few moments we had for organizing it which lead to Finestyle's squad on one side of the island and mine on the other. In the video record below you will hear me occasionally hail Finestyle for a situation report.

    My squad rolled out in two boats (A 1stMIP SOP -- one fireteam per boat) and I headed for Echo, landing on the tip of the island nearest the US carrier.

    And we spent the rest of the round on that tip.

    The enemy had Echo locked down and we were faced with a bottleneck at the bridge and an unfavourable force ratio.

    I had two options: keep the squad pushing on Echo and hope that would take some pressure off of our team's assault underway at Alpha and Bravo; or do a suicidal charge to Echo and join the rest of the team at Alpha/Bravo.

    I chose to stay and fight.

    Twice a squad passed our area heading upland to Echo, they never made it. I wished the SLs had landed BEHIND my frontline, stayed alive, and added their men to mine. That was not to be.

    I should have been RECON with a squad beacon so I could have been more up front (you'll see me high-tailing it to the rear quite a few times . . .) but I doubt that my extra gun would have turned the tide in our favour in the Battle for Echo.

    My men performed with valour and honour, we did what we could, and achieved our modest goal: to not give ground to the enemy and preserve the beachhead.

    Here is a complete video record of the battle from the point of view of my gun:




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