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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tactical Gamer Regular Events

    Monday Night Rush
    Every Monday we will configure our Flex server to be Rush mode.

    Come join the fun and destroy some MCOMs! BF3 Rush provides an incentive for focused squad play where you can be sure that everyone is working towards the same objectives. At TG it offers a good opportunity for great teamwork and communication.

    We're going to run Rush as an announced event to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. If there are specific maps that you feel should be run, please post in Contact an Admin forum. Monday night Rush is open to everyone, with priority to supporting members.

    Wednesday Night is Password night
    Every Wednesday around 4pm we will lock down our Flex server for the finest teamwork you can find outside of scrims.

    Password night is open to everybody, and each Wednesday the Password will be posted somewhere in the rules sticky post in the BF3 forum. And since everyone got the password from the rules post, any infractions will result in steeper penalties, but that's not something anyone has to worry about, right?

    What's so special about Password night?

    No pubbies wandering in and out
    No bunny hoppers!
    No intentional TKing!
    No Jihad Jeeps!
    No UCB camping!
    A higher standard of play
    Much fun...

    Plan ahead to be on TeamSpeak, it's not required to play, but it makes for that much more fun! For password night, squad leaders must be on TeamSpeak.

    If you see someone new in your squad and you think they'd be a good addition to our community, let them know we will have password nights on Wednesday night and direct them to our forums. DO NOT just tell players what the password is!

    Fyah is the PW night coordinator and will post an advance notice about the server settings and maplist for each PW night. Contact him or use the Contact an Admin forum for suggestions.

    Frequent Tactical Gamer University Classes
    Established in 2006, the Tactical Gamer University has been providing a forum for quality gaming instruction for over 5 years.

    TGU runs classes both on basic infantry tactics, and BF3 class utilization. They are a great way to get some training on basic tactics, commands, and playing your role effectively.

    TGU classes will be held about twice a month, look for announcements about upcoming classes and sign up, TGU classes are open to everyone.

    Damionrayne and LancerMancer organize the classes, contact them or post in the TGU forum with any questions.

    Regular Scrims
    The highest level of teamwork and strategy there is!

    We're hoping to run internal or external large scale scrims on a regular basis. Each team develops their strategies and tactics, and each squad, and maybe each member, have an assignment. To ensure time for planning and coordination (and to find a babysitter), they will be about a month or so apart.

    Aruncado and Bear61 are the coordinators for scrims. If you're part of an external community and want to challenge TG, or you have suggestions for an internal event, contact them or use the Contact an Admin forum. We can easily field 32 players for external scrims.

    Keep an eye out for an announcement posted in the BF3 forum about each scrim and when signups will begin, then follow the directions. Scrims are open to all TG members, but priority is given to supporting members.



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