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Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

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  • [EVENT] Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

    TG Password Night II

    We're at it again! This Wednesday, join us on server for another focused night of BF3 game play, TG style! Every Wednesday afternoon around 4pm we will lock down a server for the best teamwork you can find outside of competitive matches. Password night is open to anybody who has read and agreed to the rules. Each week the Password will be posted somewhere in the rules announcement in the BF3 forum to ensure everyone has read them.

    What's so special about a Tactical Gamer Password night?
    • No random people wandering in and out!
    • No bunny hoppers!
    • No intentional TKing!
    • No Jihad Jeeps!
    • No UCB camping!
    • Squad leaders who lead!
    • Squad members who listen!
    • All unlocks available
    • A higher standard of play!
    • Lots of fun!

    When / Where

    Wednesday, February 8th from 4pm eastern until midnight, or later!

    Setup / Rules

    • Infantry Only (some small transport vehicles are available)
    • Increased spawn time - 12 seconds to revive or you've lost your Squad mate for 12 more!
    • Unranked - all unlocks available, come test that rifle you've always wanted!
    • IHS's will be allowed and encouraged to run their own squads


    • Wake Island
    • Strike at Karkand
    • Sharqi Peninsula
    • Grand Bazaar
    • Teheran Highway
    • Seine Crossing
    • Operation Firestorm
    • Caspian Border

    Please plan ahead and join us on TeamSpeak, it's not required to play, but it makes for that much more fun! For password night, squad leaders must be on TeamSpeak so you can be sure that they will lead their squad.

    If you have ideas for the next password night, server setting you'd like to see tried, and want to comment on why or how we do this going forward, please post in the Contact an Admin forum, or you can send a PM directly to FYAH29

    Thanks, and have fun!
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    Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

    Disappointed that its still INF, But INf is pretty slick.
    Suburb battle for the house anyone XD

    Anyway, any IHS wanta pick me up, I'd like to meet more IHS members and TG members in general.


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      Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

      awesome!!!!!! and fullmetal, Many Ihs's will have open slots im sure :D The most Irreg's I've ever played with at once was 3 :) haha me, nix and SSG or I forget who was with us but if we're on, and squad up we'd be glad to have you join us :)
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        Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

        awsome :)


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          Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

          I too would like to meet some members. I love BF but I don't know anyone who plays which can be frustrating to say the least. I originally had run into one of Emale's awesome 1stMIP vids on youtube and I just thought it was the coolest thing! I had no idea that there were actual mature people playing in this fashion. Squad cohesion through communication and sit awareness with an actual chain of command. I would very much like to be a part of this, however I've been having a hard time finding guys playing. It seems like whenever I try to jump in on the TG servers there is no one on. I guess I must be looking at the wrong times and my time can also be limited w/ job and kids to worry about but, please get in touch if anyone needs a spot filled. I am a quick learner and a good listener and really looking forward to learning the SOP and getting some game-time in with the TG community.


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            Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

            What time est do you play Greg there are a lot of us on at random times. The TG servers seem to start rocking around 4-5pm est. I have kids too, it can be entertaining some days.


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              Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

              Greg welcome aboard. We usually are running with a full or 3/4 full 1st MIP squad but don't hesitate to to join up or ask for a a slot. Many times the 1st will split up and run two squads.

              I'm on the east cost and usually in game by 7- 8 p.m. eastern time. On weekends I'm usually on in the a.m. for a couple of hours then again in the evening.
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                Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                Welcome Greg/Malicious. You'll find most TG servers are busiest starting after 7p EST during the week. The weekends vary but are full late night/early am.


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                  Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                  see ya'll in the game tonight, can't wait
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                    Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                    can't wait!
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                      Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                      Cool, thanks for the replies. That was definitely my problem though; I'd usually go to bed around 4pm because I work a 3rd shift. Lately I've been tired in the mornings and now that my kids are all in school, I can take advantage of sleeping when I get home instead of waiting and then hit the servers in the late afternoon/evening when things are actually happening.

                      Is there anywhere I could read about the SOP as far as what is communicated over the mics in game?


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                        Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                        Greetings Greg/Malicious,

                        Thank you for the kind words. My videos just capture the cool that is TG. Glad to see you have joined our forums.

                        There is only a very general SOP for the TG community -- follow the squad leaders orders, keep the comms/chat clean (no swearing or rudeness, and squad up. Others may add things that I have overlooked. Be sure to read the TG Primer.

                        As to tactical communication SOPs, they are specific to In House Squads. My videos tend to reflect the style of communication the 1stMIP uses, one that we are constantly trying to improve upon.

                        Thje best way to learn is to squad up and listen closely to how people talk to each other. Be brief, leave lots of space in the channel for your squad leader to talk, be specific (not "guy behind a rock!"), be relevant (not "Contact two flags over").

                        See you in game.
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                          Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                          Server is up and running, this week we will use our infantry server for password night. By next week we should be ready with the events server.

                          The password can be found somewhere in the rules announcement sticky with a date next to it. If you are a visitor to our server, make sure you take a few minutes to read the rules!

                          Have fun!


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                            Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th



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                              Re: Password Night II : Wednesday, February 8th

                              Dope. Glad its infantry only. I'm getting sick of armor.

                              See you there!




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