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  • [INFO] All Your Ribbons Questions Answered!

    Okay, there has been a lot of piecemeal information given out about the TG Awards System recently. On top of that there have been multiple discussions, questions, and answers. It is a shame that there isn't some central location where all of this wonderful information has been compiled and all (okay maybe not all but at least most) questions are answered.

    ...wait a minute...THERE IS! I give you: Ribbons for Dummies: A Guide to the TG Awards System.

    You are welcome to tl;dr the guide ("too long, didn't read" in case you didn't know the abbreviation). However, it has got a lot of good information, a few jokes, some normal examples, an epic example, and a ton of links. Please read and enjoy! :row__577:

    If there is any question that it doesn't answer, anything you find misspelled, any grammatical errors, any poorly worded phrases, or basically anything at all you see that could improve the guide please PM me. I want to keep this guide as up-to-date and helpful as possible in order for it to better serve TG as a whole.



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