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  • BF3 (TG) clan tag

    The only clan tag sign up I can find is for WoT. I strictly stick to battlefield 3 is there a sign up for BF3

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    Re: BF3 (TG) clan tag

    There is no application or sign-up section. If you are willing, and have read the TG Primer, you may put the tags on whenever you like. Keep in mind though, that when you wear the tags, you symbolize TG and what and stands for, and you should act accordingly.

    To wear the tags in BF3, you can go to your Battlelog profile and select "Edit profile" on the left hand side. From there you can type in TG as your clan tag. A list of official TG BF3 platoons can also be found HERE.

    Here's the section regarding the tags from the TG FAQ section:
    Can I wear the |TG| tags?
    The short answer is yes.

    Tactical Gamer is an open community of mature gamers. We're not a clan that requires you to go through a process to join and then be eligible to wear our tags. We would like any player who agrees to and abides by our rules to feel welcomed to our family. If that is the case, then by all means, wear the |TG| tags.

    However wearing the |TG| tags does not come without some responsibility.

    When you put on those |TG| tags you are now representing Tactical Gamer. Players on Tactical Gamer servers will look to |TG| tag wearing players for leadership and guidance. They will watch how you play and follow your lead.

    Many players who wear the |TG| tags also frequently other externally run servers. When wearing |TG| tags on those servers you are expected to abide, not only by that particular server rules, you are also expected to abide by the Tactical Gamer code of conduct. You still represent Tactical Gamer. Some games will allow you add tags at will and/or create multiple accounts. If you do not plan to abide by the Tactical Gamer code of conduct, please remove the |TG| tags when playing on other servers.

    What the tags DO NOT signify?

    1) That you are a skilled player.
    2) That you receive additional benefits.
    Also, I'd highly recommend reading this blog post (shameless self-promotion alert). It was required reading for the CoD division and I find it exceptionally fitting for all TG'rs to read.

    On a much lighter note welcome to TG, jnl!

    "Over the din of battle could be heard Lancerís maniacal laughter and it spurned us on to stay the course, not to give up, and enjoy." - Grimmfist




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