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  • Team Chat Notation ###

    A better way to utilize text chat as a tool for team coordiantion

    Use a notation that makes team pertinent information stand out from the other text:


    (press k(default) for team chat):"###Enemy APC to D"

    (pressing j for all chat):"###Namebot you are like a crazy wizard with that noob toob"

    If you like receiving information from your team you should leave you chat box viewable. Plus if you can't see your chat box the admins have a harder time communicating with you.

    If you like this idea try to remember not to flood the text box with non team information. That doesn't mean that you can't crack jokes, but if you overflow the text box as team coordination information is being input it makes it much harder to be read before it scrolls off.

    Keep in mind that some information is nearly pointless to try and communicate through text since it has a delay in typing and understanding. "Namebot there is a guy right behind you" probably won't help, but it may contribute to blocking out some other information that may have helped someone else.

    Please DO NOT use the notation system with non team pertinent information. It is disruptive, much in the same way as talking over squadmates in VOIP with a story of what you ate that day is. Only to many more people.

    This seems like a good way to gain the interest of team players who are in the server but have not joined the teamspeak server as well as a way to improve teamwide coordination. Please help me improve this idea if can think of anything.
    |TG-12th| Namebot

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    Re: Team Chat Notation ###

    Can you set the chatbox to be open, at all times?


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      Re: Team Chat Notation ###

      Yes you can, press H while in game. There are three settings. Open, Hide, and pop-up (being when someone types it comes up).

      namebot, sounds great, will be using this.
      |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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        Re: Team Chat Notation ###

        but Namebot, you really are a crazy wizard with the noob tube....




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