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  • [AAR] Roots of Battlefield

    Thanks for those who came on the 25th :) I was in pain but able to play abit. Wish i didnt get my teeth pulled till after that day.
    Even though attendance was about 40% we still had plenty of fun and for those who came I hope you saw just how difficult ranged combat was. Suppression and smoke was key in most maps, Hopefully nextime we will have more people attending and more map. Also this trial gave me the chance to figure out what the server settings should be next time.

    Please upload any videos or ideas, comment head, once i have all videos compiled i'll release a video if anyone was able to record. My frames were off so i'll have to cut some of my own video.

    Thanks goes to the BF3 admins giving us the oppurtunity. (ill be sure to check the thread more often)
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    Re: Roots of Battlefield

    Thanks for the run E_Leader, sorry I did not make it on time only managed the last map. My sons hockey team had a general meeting after the practice that took some time to deal with issues.

    And thanks to the admin for sure and even allowing myself and a IHS mate to play around for a little while after before returning it to normal settings.





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