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TG Collab Guide to Weapons

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  • TG Collab Guide to Weapons

    Hey everyone, I've recently written a guide that somewhat describes the differences within kits and their effectiveness.

    I am planning on writing about weapons and how they play out and the natural feel of weapons. This is going to be a big project that is going to constantly be updated after each patch and I will keep updating it myself if I have to.

    I am looking for a few bodies to help me with this project. Each weapon will consist of the bare feel as well as with attachments, for all weapons. If you are on same time as me, the testing will be done on a non-ranking server ap do not worry about your stats. If you hav video recording software it would be much appreciated if not then all you can assist with is help when I am online.

    Video Recording Software (optional but preferred)
    Copy of BF3 (b2k optional)
    A full pledged Member of TG
    Supporting membership is not required

    If you would like to apply to help please leave the following and I will PM you the template:
    Weapon(s) you will assist with:
    Video capturing software?:
    Can you edit videos?:

    Depending on how much you are able to help on this big project, I will try my best to find anything that I can nominate you for. Thanks

    This project will be completed before the middle of may
    Please Be Warned...
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