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Another Internal Scrim!

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Another Internal Scrim!

    Maybe you thought that we'd go forever without a scrim, but we're back again!

    The next TG internal scrim will be a 400 ticket, infantry only conquest match held on the 64-player version of Grand Bazzar with two 36 man teams.

    Signups will open today 4/28 at 3pm EST and the scrim itself will be at 2pm EST on 05/12/12.

    As always, the signups will be made in the actual announcement thread stickied at the top of the Battlefield 3 forums. We'll get the teams posted as soon as we get enough people signed up and have a day or two to get the teams sorted out as evenly as possible. Then we will post the team information and PM everyone on each team with the forum information. We'll be using the Team Alpha and Bravo forums in the BF3 Community Events forums for planning prior to the scrim.

    For all the details please refer to the official announcement and signup thread.

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    Re: Another Internal Scrim!

    There is still room for people to sign up for this scrim.

    And there are always people that have to pull out due to schedule changes IRL.

    So if you haven't already done so, well... what you waiting for? :)
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