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BF3 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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  • [GUIDE] BF3 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    BF3 Standard Operating Procedures.
    The Standard Operating Procedures outlined below represent how BF3 should be played at TacticalGamer. We know abilities vary from player to player and understand that some of us may have difficulty trying to follow these SOPs. However, we all should be working to make these SOPs second nature when we play.

    Squad leaders and Squad members have a unique set of responsibilities when they play at TacticalGamer. Each is outlined in turn below.

    Squadmate SOP
    • 1. Act like a squadmate:
      • i. Communicate with your squadmates over VoIP and make every effort to coordinate your actions with theirs.
      • ii. There are times when individual valor in combat is required. However, do not make a habit of playing the “Rambo” role when your squadmates are alive and depending on you.
    • 2. Communicate with your squad.
      • i. Be on VOIP - Even if you can only listen, squad voip is what makes this game work as a tactical shooter at TG.
      • ii. Mic check procedure
        • a. Ask for mic check if you want to make sure your mic is working well.
        • b. When asked for mic check
          • 1. Report volume first and clarity 2nd
          • 2. Typically loud and clear or Lima Charlie or 5x5 or 5x2 etc.
      • iii. Things that should regularly be communicated on VOIP
        • a. Contact reports.
        • b. Sitreps (situation Report)
        • c. Orders
        • d. Friendly banter
          • 1. Chitchat is good, we are here to have fun and are generally considered a friendly lot. Just don’t let social dialogue get in the way of playing bf3 in a tactical way.
    • 3. Use loosely organized bounding overwatch for infantry movement under threat of fire unless ordered to advance or retreat otherwise.
      • i. Elements within the squad stagger their movements from cover to cover
      • ii. The elements behind cover will cover the actions of the elements that are advancing.
      • iii. Typically half the squad will be stationary behind cover while the other half is moving.
      • iv. Some squads may have a more organized approach to bounding by formally identifying fireteams and ordering the squad to bound within those fireteams.
      • v. Elements within a squad should maintain enough distance to avoid being taken out by a single grenade or explosion.
      • vi. Maintain open sight lines to probable enemy locations.
      • vii. In tight spaces, the point man should duck or prone when contact is made so that squad can shoot over their head.
    • 4. Pin and flank whenever possible.
      • i. One element of the squad uses suppressive fire to hold an enemy in place.
      • ii. The second element of the squad flanks the target and engages them.
    • 5. Give supplies or medpacks to those that need them.
      • i. Place supplies or medpacks in locations that are behind cover.
    • 6. Ask for supplies or medpacks over voip or by targeting the player and “Q”spotting
      • i. They can hear you via in game sound as your player speaks when you Q spot.
    • 7. Avoid running directly in front of friendly fire.
    • 8. When you notice a player is last up, tell them!
      • i. When someone spawns in after a last up call is made, inform the squad that you spawned.
    • 9. Call who you are spawning on and when
      • i. Typically used when things are hectic and no spawn point looks safe
        • a. Don’t use this all the time, it can be noisy
      • ii. Inform a squadmate that you are spawning on them on 3 seconds or so.
    • 10. Contact reports.
      • i. Report direction, number and type of enemy movement on compass or by visual marker
      • ii. Examples: “there is a sniper northwest! There is an assault in the room of that broken down building up ahead! 2 infantry are heading to alpha flag from the east! A tank and an engy are rolling into bravo from the northwest! Enemy contact down!”
    • 11. Maintain high situational awareness
      • i. Know where you squad mates are.
      • ii. Check map for enemy locations
      • iii. Check map to see what the flags are doing in conquest.
      • iv. Know the score
    • 12. When spawn on squad leader only settings active.
      • i. Keep your squad leader alive!
      • ii. Squad leaders should make liberal use of cover and try to stay safe as a spawn point whenever possible.
      • iii. Spawn on squad leader unless ordered otherwise.
      • iv. Helps to have recon place spawn point.
      • v. Tell squad lead when you are spawning.
    • 13. Squad lead may request kits and modify them as needed.
      • i. Squad perks should be coordinated by squad leader or among the squad via self-organized call out.
    • 14. Follow orders and ask for them when they are not given
      • i. Offer suggestions to the squad leader if you feel it is appropriate.
    • 15. When defending
      • i. Camp (Use concealed positions)
        • a. Position yourself in a hidden spot that gives you a good vantage point
        • b. Spread out the squad and try to cover all points of entry.
      • ii. Patrol.
        • a. Move from cover to cover like you are expecting contact. You are trying to flush out the enemy.
        • b. The squad can patrol counterclockwise or clockwise around the flag
        • c. Each element of the squad can patrol their territory.
      • iii. Give sitreps (situation reports) every minute or two
        • a. For example, Report “All clear” or “E-Male is maintaining his position behind that rock.”
    • 16. When attacking
      • i. approach the target with caution
      • ii. Report enemy camping locations
      • iii. Be aware of flag cap radius and use cover
      • iv. Keep someone as a safe spawn point

    Squad Leader SOP

    The responsibility of the squad leader is to lead to the best of their capabilities. Our players expect their squad leaders to order them around and control the pace of the game. Some squad leaders yell like drill sergeants, others are calm under pressure. All personalities have their place, what is important is that squad leaders at TG take their job seriously. The squad is theirs to command, and they should act accordingly.

    If you are a squad leader, you absolutely should be doing the following:

    • 1. Use VOIP
      • a. If squad mates are not on voip, try to ask them to join.
      • b. If they refuse to join or ignore your request to join TS
        • i. You can ask them to join TS another squad or kick them.
        • ii. Be mature about this, but also remember we are here to play a kind of tactical game that is only possible on VOIP.
      • c. Typing out commands is going to get you killed...
    • 2. Give orders and update your squad every few minutes on what your objective is.
      • a. Some examples:
        • i. At round start: Hold spawn! We are going to take a buggy to hilltop, you guys ditch at the bottom of the road and move up the back of the hill on foot. I will hop out at the radio tower toss frags at the top of the lookout rock.
        • ii. Ok, flag capped, patrol counterclockwise around flag, keep your spacing so you can cover the guy in front of you. Call out contacts.
        • iii. I will circle around the flag clockwise. Spawn on me and move in in pairs. All assault with smoke kits. Smoke my position when you spawn.
    • 3. Control the actions of your squad.
      • a. Some examples:
        • i. Give an order to someone that just died to come in as support and lay suppressive fire on an entrenched position.
        • ii. Order a squad mate to spawn engy and engage a specific vehicle.
        • iii. Order a squad to retreat, hold ground or move forward.
        • iv. Order your squad to move cover to cover from to point A to point B.
        • v. Order a specific player to stay on point.
        • vi. Order a specific player to play recon, overwatch the squad and keep a spawn point active.
    • 4. Organize squad kit loadout and coordinate perks if needed
      • a. For example:
        • i. Give Order: Pick whatever kit you want, we will work around it.
        • ii. Get volunteers for kit and role.
          • 1. I need someone to go support and C4 up the flag.
          • 2. I need an engy to deal with tanks.
          • 3. Player X, load up squad sprint, player Y load up squad flack, and Z squad suppression.
        • iii. Order specific players to play specific kits in a specific way.
    • 5. Use in game attack and defend commands.
      • a. Keeping these orders current helps other squads plan their actions.
    • 6. Coordinate your squad’s actions with other squads
      • i. Give other squads room to maneuver
      • ii. Support whatever it looks like the other squad in your area is doing.
      • iii. Lack of simple built in squad lead com channel makes coordinating squads difficult.

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