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New Server Autokick for language

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  • New Server Autokick for language

    Usually it is warn - kick - ban. But an admin will reply to you shortly. Also this is the admin forum: there u can have e private talk with the admins.


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    Re: New Server Autokick for language

    Yes I feel the same way, There swearing immaturely then theres typing out a word, or just talking.

    I swear a lot, Where I was raised, How I was raised, they are just words, you hear teachers swear on the off chance, its nothing serious.

    Theres a big difference between Thats a good F****** shot and Go F*** yourself and I think it is a bit much that you can't type swears, over teamspeak makes 100% you might have kids in the room or something, but on a tiny inch long part of the screen, Its no big deal,

    Kick the people for being immature, not for swearing.


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      Re: New Server Autokick for language

      It's probably something that could use some tweaking. Does it list in the server rules that scroll?

      But no need to start out on the defensive. Just post a thread in the admin section that Kwalc posted and someone will get back to you. You will definitely not be flamed, but this thread may get closed so that this can be handled privately. I trust that it was just a kick and not a ban that you had, right?


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        Re: New Server Autokick for language

        For me personally, like brainhurts, I suppose I do swear a fair amount in my day to day life and I'm not offended when I hear other people swear, I guess its the culture I grew up with. That's not to say I've been surrounded by potty mouths while I was being brought up, it's just modern culture for you.

        However, even though I'm personally relaxed about it I'm aware that not everybody is... and I believe that's where the maturity part comes in. You will rarely hear me swear on teamspeak unless you have known me for a long time, because there is simply no need to and indeed I don't know if the people in channel with me have the same view point regarding this language as I do. That's not to say I don't swear off mic. It's just good manners to be honest.

        However, as far as typing goes, there really is simply no need whatsoever to type any form of swear words whether the meaning was derogatory or not. Speaking them is one thing, it may be the way you talk, part of your vocabulary, so for me personally the occasional swear word is more understandable. You wouldn't come onto teamspeak putting on a different accent or talking in a different voice, so using foul language when speaking on teamspeak is certainly more understandable to me than when its typed. Of course if someone is swearing every other word then that's too much, but the occasional F***, S*** or whatever doesn't bother me. Bear in mind of course that I don't have any minors around, and that alone would be the number one reason not to swear on teamspeak. But with the written word, why would you type "That's a good F****** shot" in chat when "That's a good shot" says the same thing? would it be for the emphasis? if so, add an exclamation mark! Again, it's just good manners...

        I don't believe anyone is telling you that you are immature for swearing, the vast majority of people swear, some more than others, granted. I believe the maturity part comes in understanding that not everybody may have the same conception or acceptance of the words you use and the context you use them in as you do yourself. Although when you type these words you may be typing them with no malice whatsoever you simply do not know how the rest of the people will perceive the language you use. I've had people turn round to me in teamspeak before and tell me they had to leave the squad we was in because "so and so" was swearing too much... when I hadn't even really noticed... bottom line, you just don't know, so the mature thing to do is to reign it in a little and don't subject others to words that may be offensive. I'll say it again, it's just good manners.
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          Re: New Server Autokick for language

          First post move to the CAA forum, locking the thread now and we'll work out the original posters problems there. If anyone does have questions, comments about rules, new or old please leave us your thoughts or questions in the CAA forum above. Thanks
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