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Password night - Wednesday June 6th, 2012

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  • [EVENT] Password night - Wednesday June 6th, 2012

    TG Password Night

    We're at it again! This Wednesday, join us on server for another focused night of BF3 game play, TG style! Every Wednesday afternoon around 4pm we will lock down a server for the best teamwork you can find outside of competitive matches. Password night is open to anybody who has read and agreed to the rules. Each week the Password will be posted somewhere in the rules announcement in the BF3 forum to ensure everyone has read them.

    What's so special about a Tactical Gamer Password night?
    • No random people wandering in and out!
    • No bunny hoppers!
    • No intentional TKing!
    • No Jihad Jeeps!
    • No UCB camping!
    • Squad leaders who lead!
    • Squad members who listen!
    • All unlocks available
    • A higher standard of play!
    • Lots of fun!

    When / Where

    Wednesday, June 6th, from 4pm eastern until midnight, or later!

    Setup / Rules

    • Server #2 Default HC settings with password
    • 60% Health
    • IHS's will be allowed and encouraged to run their own squads


    • Default per the Ultimate Map Manager
    • Have a request? Let the Admin's know
      ** Maplist subject to change depending on turnout and playability!

    Please plan ahead and join us on TeamSpeak, it's not required to play, but it makes for that much more fun! For password night, squad leaders must be on TeamSpeak so you can be sure that they will lead their squad.

    If you have ideas for the next password night, server setting you'd like to see tried, and want to comment on why or how we do this going forward, please post in the Contact an Admin forum, or you can send a PM directly to FYAH29

    Thanks, and have fun!
    "So Far, So Good................So What"

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    re: Password night - Wednesday June 6th, 2012

    Server is up and running, Hardcore default with all unlocks. See the rules post for tonights password, and thanks!
    "So Far, So Good................So What"


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      re: Password night - Wednesday June 6th, 2012

      60% health-- should make it interesting!!




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