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Seine Crossing : Charlie squad US

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  • [AAR] Seine Crossing : Charlie squad US

    I logged on to the server around 5:00 pm, it was a decent game within a half hour of seeding. Thanks to the crew that helped. There was good friendly chat in TS and it picked up quickly. I noticed the server stayed pretty full til about 2:00 AM.

    About 4 rounds after seeding I had one of the more compelling rounds in BF3 that I can recall. I was squad leading as assault, oldgunny switched back and forth between support and assault. Oddra was a pub that tended to stick with the squad - He was not on TS. Hil3illy was recon overwatch with fallback spawn placement.
    The round started with RU quickly taking the north flags close to their spawn and the Charlie flag on the bridge.
    I had Hill3illy take overwatch on the western bridge and place a spawn beacon at our back flag. He did an amazing job of spotting and calling out targets as we attacked the bridge flag at charile. I threw nades based on his verbal contact reports and got kills. It was awesome. OldGunny ran in like a YoungGunny and ripped them up close quarters style. We eventually took the bridge with the help of some well-placed smoke and overwatch fire from Oddra in the Humvee mounted gun. As a squad leader, it felt like I was Hannibal Smith leading the "A team". Thanks guys!

    The fight for Charlie went back and forth a few times as did the lead. We would get down by 20 tickets, get desperate and gamble. Then we would be up by 20 and the other team would get a coordinated push.
    Towards the end of the round, we started swapping flags and changing it up. Our pattern was to attack and hold till we wipe or there were too many defenders. Then we would attack again. We did a great job of defending Echo once someone on our team capped it. The end of the round was close, with the difference being 26 tickets. \

    Good Game.

    Some things I would like to point out.
    1. Overwatch snipers are effective in hardcore due to killing power. Respect it. Snipers can be a killing machines in hardcore, but they should also be sharing intel like Hil3illy did this round.
    2. Having a plan for the round helped: hold 3 flags - Defend the weakest link.
    3. Random pubs are good for our community. Even if they never come back, having a new face in the squad keeps things fresh and interesting. I could get ruffled and complain that we were missing a guy in coms, or I could be happy I had a guy that played in the squad and helped out more than not.
    4. I love hardcore mode. Just straight up love it. I am surprised by this, because I have hated hardcore modes in every other game I have played.
    5. Conquest is a not just about about kills, it is about holding territory and making the other team bleed it out. Very rarely do I see a team overcome bleed by out-killing the other team.
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    Re: Seine Crossing : Charlie squad US

    Thanks for the wonderful squad leading, Science. You did a superb job!

    On that attack on C flag on the bridge, I had approached it from underneath with the aim of throwing up nades on the unsuspecting enemy, but found I had only the medic kit with no nades on hand! lol .... good thing someone threw down some smoke grenades as I came back up the stairs. That concealled me enough so I could run onto the bridge and take out the enemy with assualt gun and pistols! It was a glorious battle!


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      Re: Seine Crossing : Charlie squad US

      Oh you are the little buggers who held Echo.




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