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So today really made my name true,

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  • So today really made my name true, <---- to a lot of people who play BF3.

    They are just ugh,

    One hit to the tank and they run off.

    Or they yell at the admins,

    Or they break every rule at the same time,

    Or they don't take any of the armor and let the enemy team take it all,

    Or they don't give ammo or health.

    Or they shoot you because you "stole" their kill,

    You get my point, Today for me just wasn't pretty.

    A few of you guys saved my sanity, Just a bit, had fun, but If I had to stick with some of these people, Id completely snap.

    If I reported them, Id be reporting more then Id be shooting.

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    Re: So today really made my name true,

    Thats what pubs are for... To make you wonder who let them out of the padded room. Soon enough, you end up there yourself. Or standing ontop of a pile of bodies...
    |TG| CrazySob
    Wondering where I am? Look up and wait for the inevitable sound of 2000lbs of death and destruction that is about to ruin your day.


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      Re: So today really made my name true,

      I started singing about how much the pubs where making me angry.

      Recently I have been trying to NOT use armor, I find its incredibly hard because how dumb the pubbies are with the armor on my team, Its just not fair! ;-;


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        Re: So today really made my name true,

        That's not really the welcoming attitude we are looking for at Tactical Gamer, perhaps when the server isn't full you could think about that. Really not what we want to see.

        Thread locked.




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