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Battlefield blog, a preview of AK: Alborz Mountain

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  • Battlefield blog, a preview of AK: Alborz Mountain

    Travelling up the side of Alborz Mountain the fog and snow in the air gets thicker and starts to feel colder. Continuing above the clouds the sky parts and shines brighter. Birds are scattered throughout the levels and in trees, only to be spooked by explosions or approaching enemies, flying off out of harm’s way. Much greater depth and perception of distance shines through in the levels through use of fog and actual clouds in the sky you can fly through, adding a whole new dimension to traversing the environments.

    To accompany the more highly detailed environments, audio and effects also came into great play. When there isn’t a barrage of explosions and gunfire you can hear the trees creek in the wind, ice grinding under the frozen surface, and flags gently flapping in the wind. Likewise, explosion effects fill with dirt from underneath a thin layer of snow, leaves on the ground kick up from the forest floor, and hollow dead trees shatter into splinters when you crash through them with a quad bike. The combination of all these elements work together to create a vibrant, living environment.

    This maps looks pretty fantastic, looking forward to seeing how stretching it vertically will play.

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    Re: Battlefield blog, a preview of AK: Alborz Mountain

    I don't know how big they are just yet, I can only guess but to me they look fairly large.

    Like at 0:44, How far is it? Is that just the edge looking into a area we cant go, or is it off to the side?, or is it a open area you will be driving through?




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