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BF3 won't start now

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  • BF3 won't start now

    Hey everyone....

    I have been trying last night and this morning to get BF3 to work and it will not.

    I tried running programs in admin mode and nothing. uninstalled bf3 and nothing. only thing i can think of left is the newest nvidia driver for my gtx 670 as i updated that 2 days ago and can't remember if i played since i updated or not....

    Other then me trying a different vid driver and reformatting, is there anyone else that might have an idea of what else i can try?

    When i try to launch into a server or even do a campaign, It says waiting for

    Anyone know why this is?

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    Re: BF3 won't start now

    I have no idea :/ never had the issue. Try uninstalling your drivers, use a program like Driver Sweeper and erase all traces of the old drivers and install new.
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      Re: BF3 won't start now

      Do not use driver sweeper to uninstall nvidia drivers. Please follow this guide and report back.

      Here is a more detailed post about uninstalling drivers and explanations of how to uninstall. Both are very similar guides.

      Have you turned off anti virus too see if that's affecting it?

      Update punk buster here

      Clear your cache/cookies, also try a different browser.

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        Re: BF3 won't start now

        thanks for the replies guys..... I just ended up reformatting and in the middle of installing everything right now. I will book mark this so that if it happens again i will try the things your guys suggested.




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