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  • [INFO] Consolidating servers

    Just a heads up, and this is well overdue, but just in time for the holidays we're going to consolidate onto one server (Hopefully tomorrow, maybe Wednesday) by extending the maplists and adding more more variety. Basically we're going to take the maplist from Server 2 and add the DLC maps. Server 2 has been running 4 map rotations for a long time now where the active list changes based on player count.
    • Small maps (0-16p)
    • Medium Maps (16-32p)
    • Large maps (32-48p)
    • X-Large maps (48-64p)

    With the last DLC we have a lot more map options that we had before, so while we want to keep the variety up, we can also afford to be a little more picky in choosing maps. The other server will run for a little while directing people to the consolidated one, but it will be taken offline fairly soon.

    Feedback and suggestions are as always appreciated!

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    Re: Consolidating servers

    Hopefully at least one version of every map is in rotation.


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      Re: Consolidating servers

      Yep, they are, we have four rotations:
      Small maps (0-16p)
      Medium Maps (16-32p)
      Large maps (32-48p)
      XL Maps (48-64p)

      The small rotation has more mixed modes while the server is seeding.
      Medium and Large modes both have every map except Teheran Highway. (There's just no size where that map works well.)
      XL maps are the ones that can support a very high player count, Caspian, Bandar, Wake, etc. About 10 of them total.


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        Re: Consolidating servers

        Looking forward to this.
        TG21 Seriousturtle


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          Re: Consolidating servers

          Any news about mini map being turned off or keeping on?


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            Re: Consolidating servers

            I think its staying on Ghost, but I can't say for sure.

            Lets not start a discussion on it in this thread about it, Discussed to death already.
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