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  • Time to change the rules?

    I'm referring to the Gentlemans agreement of no tanks or LAVs before it is 8 vs 8.

    We have seen it many times where a new player comes in, jumps in a tank and brings it into battle only to be given grief by us because of the rule. Many times I've seen these players cuss at us and leave the server mad. Hate to see any player leave that is suppose to be having fun with us.

    Surely there are ways to lessen the impact of an enemy tank with few players in the server. Having a couple of squad mates switch to C4 and time the attack on the tank should prove fruitfull. And isnt the tank respawn timer been changed so they dont show up as often? Let the guy wait back in the tank spawn area and out of the battle.

    I really think we need to rethink this whole issue.

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    Re: Time to change the rules?

    I think most of them could use a bit more enforcing, If someones breaking the rules multiple times and ignoring warnings and being disrespectful to the admins and others in chat, I don't think they belong in the server.

    I haven't had any issues aside from a bunnyhopper or two, but I think plenty other people have and its resulting in people leaving the server who would have played much longer otherwise, The bunny hopping rule breaker stays 5 rounds, but the person who follows the rules uses teamspeak leaves.

    You have to forget the idea that these people who join the server randomly are anywhere close to future recruits/regulars for TG, don't be afraid to tell them to sit down shut up or leave the server, Very few of them have, so why keep expecting the average BF3 player to be any different, Im barely TG materiel myself and I can tell most of these people who play on the server could and would never fit in, The games been out a year, the main player base isn't going to change from what they are, Id rather play with 20 rule following, Admin respecting, good players, then 40 rule breaking, admin disrespecting, Bad players.


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      Re: Time to change the rules?

      There is a script that can run on the server that insta kills anyone using armour before 8v8.
      I play on lots of servers that run it and I rarely have a problem with players and armour.
      Maybe the admin team could consider that?
      I'm not sure whether it turns the server into custom but might.

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        Re: Time to change the rules?

        The "custom" problem could be a problem, although I don't know off hand if that particular script would cause us to be listed as custom or not, Fallen may know. Gunney you refer to it as "the Gentlemen's Agreement" yet the post is titled. ".......rules". I'm not picking on you, just pointing out what we all already know. It isn't a rule.

        The agreement is just that, an agreement between players on the server that certain conditions will be maintained until a set point is reached. Is it fun to play against a tank with less than 8? No! Is it frustrating to ask nicely for others to refrain from using armor, only to have them ignore the request, not even respond with a query of their own or plainly say "no". It's certainly frustrating, and can and does frequently lead to server regulars and even some members being less than kind when the request isn't met.

        I agree with Gunney that the best response is to be nice, ask them a couple of times to hold off, and if they don't make a plan. If and when someone doesn't agree to the "Gentlemen's Agreement", make their lives miserable in game legally and with courtesy. Be polite as hell, ask nicely, and kill them over and over with impunity.

        The vehicle spawns have been adjusted but the times aren't necessarily the same for every map. Sometimes you may kill a tank and force the othe player to wait, other times the tank will spawn back in at the default rate.

        Brain, I'm certainly not there all of the time, or even most of the time, nor do I keep Procon up every night, but I am around, Procon does run, and other Admins have been available every time I've logged in TS in the last few months, despite the server rarely being full. If the rules are being broken as you claim happens ....................

        Originally posted by Brainhurts View Post
        .............. The bunny hopping rule breaker stays 5 rounds,............... a report with the player's name in the contact an Admin forum. I don't see, or hear about the infractions your alluding to.
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          Re: Time to change the rules?

          Im not the one being bothered by the rule breakers, Its other Tg members.

          Last night I joined in and it was just mayhem with the rule breaking, Ven and a few others quit because of it.


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            Re: Time to change the rules?

            If you like playing with those guys(and it bothers you when they quit), you might consider helping them maintain the playing environment they like.
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              Re: Time to change the rules?

              Eliminate the mini-map! :)


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                Re: Time to change the rules?

                I vote for using the insta-kill script. And the server stating the "rule" at the bottom of the screen every now and then to reinforce it.
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                  Re: Time to change the rules?

                  I'd also like to see the "gentlemen's" agreement converted to a rule and the script in place

                  I'd also like to see more 4 man SQDM and 16 man TDM and CQ Maps for server populations below 16 we have a lot of regulars who have been going to other servers to get a competitive game with low populations
                  Rush / and Squad Rush are fine as well but most of the conquest maps with low populations are just a lot of running around with little engagement or sustained combat


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                    Re: Time to change the rules?

                    I'll third the "Gentlemen's Agreement" to be made into a rule. I feel this helps seed the server faster if armor isn't around to wipe out the few infantry running around.

                    I would love to see some SQDM or small TDM rotations on the server. I'm agreeing with Lunn where a lot of regular players go elsewhere to find these gametypes (especially after a wind down on the server at night).

                    As for the rule breaking, I'm one of those who can't stand the constant rule breaking by some of the regular "pubbies" that join our server. It seems they know the rules and have been told politely that they are breaking X or Y rule, but yet continue breaking them. (Thanks to DaddyofThree and another-admin-whose-name-I-do-not-remember for the other night. :))
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                      Re: Time to change the rules?

                      SHORT STORY: Wah wah, man up and quit cryin'!

                      LONG STORY:
                      I disagree with making it a rule. We need more rules like we need more gun laws. Yeah it's annoying when they break the Gentlemen's Agreement, but it's not just an agreement. By following the agreement without enforcement, we prove every minute that not only are we "mature gamers" but also that other's are not. We also prove that we have the skill to play without a tank. I am not saying you are not skilled by running a tank, just that by taking out a tough adversary you are proven tougher. We prove we have skill when we blow up the idiot that runs the tank n e way. So the agreement is not just an agreement, it is a way to say," Hey, we are all adults here. We can make our own decisions and prove that we are the "bigger (wo)man.""

                      I have seen it (though rarely) when asked to be removed from said tank, the player actually hops out and somebody blows it up. No big deal.

                      Another way to look at it: If we put an official ban on vehicles in the beginning, when and what do we start making illegal? Do we stop using explosives? No more machine guns? Hypothetically, we could reach a point where we are allowed to use only one type of pistol and we kick people for using other pistols. I am not saying that it will end up like that, just that we are starting to draw lines in the sand. Lines that will shift more and more if one is not careful. Our current rules make sense, and I think there is no need for any more.

                      I do agree we need moar enforcement of CURRENT rules tho, and I think that means moar appropriation of admins. Either the admins need to be on more often and longer, or we need more admins. But the more rules you use, the more restrictive gameplay becomes and creativity in tactics and other things wanes. Instead of outsmarting or outmaneuvering our opponent, we simply come up with a new rule and remove the "offender." All you are doing is making more people into offenders instead of possible future TG'ers. Show them the ropes, don't just condemn them. I am going to try in the future to be more patient as a player and discuss with the pubbies, instead of outright condemning them. I can see now by saying, "Tuff, don't like the rules, leave," might just offend people instead of promoting our style of play.

                      What I REALLY think would help, is if EA kept a BF2142 type loading screen, where we could put up the rules for all to see right before they join the game. That would be the best measure possible. They would be advised of the rules, and that they are not optional, but that they can discuss it with us on our forums. I know of course that EA will not go back and redesign a game; but if we act like every pubbie who joins our servers automatically knows the rules, or that they can look up at the chat box and see that they can type @rules, then our player base is going to get smaller and smaller.

                      I think another thing we could do is instead of having them type @rules, display them instead. Yeah it would take up a lot of chat room, but most of us have TS anyway. I think it is most urgent for pubbies to know the rules. There are alot of people who use the chat box so instead of just @rules, or just displaying the rules, we could meet in the middle. When somebody first joins they get the rules displayed, and from then on they just get @rules in the chatter. Just some ideas.

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                        Re: Time to change the rules?

                        The player base is the problem.

                        Fixing that? I don't know

                        Relax on the rules and we are just another server, Might as well play on one that has a constant 64 players.

                        Have too many harsh rules and we are left with nothing but a hand full TG members and regulars.

                        Rely on pubbies and randoms, and we are left with a server full of broken rules and angry players.

                        Again Ive brought this up numerous times, the only way I see this server being what TG wants, Is for TG to go out and find the players it wants.

                        You can change the settings and the rules, but its not going to change the people who join the server.


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                          Re: Time to change the rules?

                          Originally posted by Acreo Aeneas View Post
                          I would love to see some SQDM or small TDM rotations on the server.
                          Let me address this real quick, the problem with running Squad Rush and SQDM is that it really messes up the squads when more people join and things start to break quickly.


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                            Re: Time to change the rules?

                            Would it not be possible to just scramble squads when that happens?

                            The rotation of maps could use a change, Im tired of playing Grand Bazaar and Damavand peak and Seine Crossing
                            Those three come up way too much.


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                              Re: Time to change the rules?

                              Originally posted by Brainhurts View Post
                              Would it not be possible to just scramble squads when that happens?
                              No, because the scrambler keeps squads intact, even if they have 12 members.




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