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Seven player squads after Squad Rush

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  • Seven player squads after Squad Rush

    This happened again last night an I thought I would ask the usuals on BF3 to please consider creating another squad after rotating from a full round on Squad Rush to a new map.

    Typically what happens is that Squad Rush populates well and we have about 14 people on the server. Then the next map comes up (a small conquest usually) and there is a squad of 7/4 people. Anyone new who joins cannot join that squad and is stuck in a new squad by themselves until another new person joins the team or the round ends and people get scrambled (which can be around 20 minutes to wait). During this time, the person is locked into a TS channel alone while there is a party going on up in the other channel.

    Besides that, it is also a bad idea tactically in hardcore to limit yourself that way. 1 squad means 7 people using one spawnable squad leader instead of 2. This leads to a glob of people moving around from flag to flag when you really should be splitting up to hold 2 and force a bleed.

    Just something to keep in mind.



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