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Good luck if you have to change your email address bubs

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  • Good luck if you have to change your email address bubs

    Migrated away from my ancient AOL account to Gmail.
    Would think you can just log in and change that. Wrongo!
    Searched web and it appear that its not possible on your own to do this.
    The ONLY way to do this in online chat.
    Been live chatting with EA help for about an hour now. After I was discontented the first time.

    No can appears the new email I moved was already registered, I must have registered it a while ago for some other game.

    So I said that's messed up we need to talk bud.....not sure if that translates well in India.

    Ok he says we can do a Persona Transfer ....

    He asks me more questions including WHY I want to change my email address associated to this account.... man I am ready to blow a gasket.....

    After all these questions then I get the response:

    The Persona Transfer process requires a different tool to make those changes. We do have a specialist team that handles it and you can only reach them by phone. The number that you can call them is 1-866-543-5435 (English (NA): 3:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST Monday-Friday) and give them this case#


    Then :
    Can you see why a customer can be so angry to do such a simple task?

    I understand. If only I have access to that tool I would have this updated for you by now. But we do have a team that specialize and handles this type of issue.

    I understand its not your fault and thank you for trying to help.

    Obviously I gained some composure on this with my response but honestly this is the most messed up crap I have ever wonder people hate EA and Origin....!!!!

    After all this I still have to try and call them to figure out a Persona Transfer using the right tool here in the US......Uggggggggggggggg

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    Re: Good luck if you have to change your email address bubs

    I'd have to say this complicated email change process is made hard to keep people from selling or giving away the game to someone else.


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      Re: Good luck if you have to change your email address bubs

      Holy crap! Talk about jumping through hoops! Special tool? LOL! You'd think that such a simple task can be achieved through a matter of a couple keystrokes and mouseclicks. I dunno if it's the fact that the customer support is outsourced to foreign countries like India or Mexico and they just don't understand (culture and language barrier and all), or the fact that these companies just don't have it together. But it always seems that customer support these days is just a headache that makes a simple task way more complicated than it should be.

      Short story in relation: Had to call my cell phone carrier a few months back to find out why they took my monthly payment (auto pay) and I still had no service. I get connected to what was obviously a call center in a foreign country. Anyway, I went round and round with these folks, trying to get to the bottom of the dilemma - let alone trying to get them to connect me to Payment and Billing....ya know, the department I really need to talk to. Finally get connected to Billing. I'll fast forward and spare the details. Basically, I had to play phone tag with my bank and the phone company. I call phone carrier again after I get off the phone with the bank, repeatedly ask to talk to somebody in payment and billing again - which they can't seem to get through their head and would rather decide to waste my time with party lines and other over-complicated nonsense that is of no benefit to the solution of my problem. And then they tell me "Oh, we can't connect you. There's no number for that department." I'm fuming at this point and I just let em have it. "WHADDYA MEAN YOU CAN'T CONNECT ME?!!! I JUST TALKED TO SOMEBODY IN THAT DEPARTMENT 15 F'N MINUTES AGO! CONNECT ME TO BILLING RIGHT F'N NOW! ARRGGGGGHHHHH!!! RAAAGGGEEE!! ROAAAARRR! BIG BOY VOICE!!"

      Guess what happened. They transferred me to Billing. LOL. Only for THEM to give me the run around and ultimately tell me that they can't do anything but wait 3 days for them to send the money back into my account and retry payment. *head desk* Oh yea, it worked that time. But it was a big complicated mess for them to just tell me that.

      Case and point? Customer support these days seems to be a big pain in the rear and they make easy things more complicated than they should be. I feel your pain. LOL

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        Re: Good luck if you have to change your email address bubs

        I had a very similar issue when I got BF3. Silly system a large amount of these services have whereby you cannot remove an account. Even Rockstar Games Social Club will not let you change the e-mail for some reason unbeknownst to any logic.

        Had to contact EA support and after a bit of back and forth I finally got through that I wanted to remove the my old account with my e-mail attached, so I can substitute my main account's e-mail with it. Simple enough but took a while for him/her to understand. It was done in seconds once the penny dropped which begs the question; why I can't just log back into my dormant account after 4-5 years of disuse and, similar to facebook, just deactivate it?

        And don't get me started on sites that will not accept en e-mail even after the account has been erased.




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