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  • [INFO] BF3 for FREE!!

    Origins "On the house" promotion is currently giving away BF3 for Free.

    Log in to Origin and grab it while you can!
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    Re: BF3 for FREE!!

    I have been playing it now and it runs amazing. But today a bug occurred where the save data of many have been deleted, some say it may be back in a few hours due to "Spring Cleaning" but who knows? Has anyone experienced this problem before? I never really had BF3 on PC before this weekend. If you know, could I play Multiplayer for now and would my stats just overwrite anything I do right now?
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      Re: BF3 for FREE!!

      For BolivianRAMPAGE: I've had data glitches, most evident when switching between the laptop and the desktop and relying on the "cloud save". I'm assuming that by now, months later, you would have noticed either your data returning or being lost forever. If it's still relevant, I'll toss in my anecdotal evidence that cloud data has been mostly trustworthy (read: I, as one individual among many, have not had issue with it thus far).

      For everyone else: Are there still enough people playing BF3 here to make it worth installing on the new laptop (that can actuall run BF3/BF4--and patientgamers, I'm looking at your ilk), or should I go ahead and upgrade to BF4 or cross-grade to PR or ARMA?




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