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Anospa's Awesome Approach

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  • [Alpha] Anospa's Awesome Approach

    Super awesome strategy goes here; (will post later today/tonight)

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    Re: Anospa's Awesome Approach

    SO EXCITED!!!!!
    He was told that he should not kill, and he did not kill, until he got into the Army. Then he was told to kill, and he killed.


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      Re: Anospa's Awesome Approach

      Internet is still down at home and work's been too busy to pull together my thoughts. I'll hopefully have something tonight.


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        Re: Anospa's Awesome Approach

        So this is very delayed. My apologies, but its given me time to work things out a bit better and incorporate some of the ideas others have come up with. I don't really have anything too ground breaking for defense, because I think it will be a very reactionary role. The only thing I can think of for defense is a solid setup of SOFLAMs and javelins.

        In my time at TG, I've participated in a lot of large size scrims, and have also had a very successful competition record with the 3rd in 2142. I know very well that in depth strategies break apart very quickly and lead to inflexible forces and that causes losses. This should be treated as an overall gameplan, not a precise recipe for victory. The key to winning will be the ability to react and make solid decisions.

        For offense...

        Taking Alpha/Echo/Delta should be the initial goal. It puts in a very strong position to initiate bleed and put them on the defensive. The majority of our forces should go for Echo with the AMTRAC, while one squad and perhaps a division of the armor squad move for Alpha. The Eecho side of our forces will be focusing on securing Echo as fast and safely as possible. The AMTRAC should stay back out of the fight until the tank is eliminated, and push up to support the infantry.

        Once Echo is secured, move up in a column across the island towards the Delta flag. The cap area itself is very undesirable, but the surrounding area gives great overwatch of the flag, and the enemy will be using it as best they can. Pushing on the lagoon side of the island, it will be possible to then sweep back towards Delta flag safely to make sure there is a safe way to cap.
        With Echo and Delta flag secured, it is time to wait. The enemy will likely counterattack or turtle in at C. We want the second, and this would give a great chance for splitting forces and pushing stronger on Alpha if it is not already taken.

        I made a few posts in the offensive strategies thread about Bravo flag and why it is not desirable. The goal of this overall strategy is to try to confine the enemy into the Bravo and Charlie flags. It sets up two fronts, but they are probably the best ones that will happen.

        The Delta front allows harassment of enemy air assets. The Bravo front is a natural chokepoint, the narrowest on the map. There is also a very long stretch of land between Bravo and Charlie that could be taken advantage of using any of the transport vehicles.

        There are a few, "plays," that could prove very useful.
        -One that may give us the opportunity to take Charlie is pushing our AMTRAC up to the Charlie flag. It is possible to drive it right into the building (gunner has to knock down a wall with the grenade launcher) and begin capping it. The AMTRAC drives along the beach on the lagoon side of Delta and has a pretty well protected approach right up to the flag. This is a very situational move, and is very risky. But risky maneuvers will help ensure a win.

        The same thing could be done with the Venom on any of the flags, just a little more exposed to enemy fire.

        If anyone has any comments, criticism, advice, or suggestions, I'm all for it.




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