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  • [BRAVO] Defense Strategy

    Some thoughts on the defense of Charlie flag (airstrip).

    Enemy will attempt to steal the attack helo and jets.

    Need CLOSE overwatch of the hangers and the backside of the island (the highest small hills immediately next to the hangers.

    If enemy has Bravo or Delta these issues become all the more pressing.

    If enemy has Bravo or Delta enemy will try to infiltrate via the backside of the island. Expect rapid incursions via fast movers along the shoreline from Bravo along BOTH sides of the island heading to Charlie flag and hangers.

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    Re: Defense of Charlie

    Agree 100%. whenever I'm in a squad on this map I always suggest defending C flag


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      Defense Strategy

      Please post your thoughts on a defensive strategy.

      Please consider we will have 30 players based on the current plan, with some number of them (4-5?) flying.

      Please don't share this information outside of our team.


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        Re: Defense Strategy

        With the importance of Airfield, one strategy might be to focus on B-E, pull the armor back to the bridge near B and leave our lightest force on A. Of all the flags to 'give up', that would be my preference based on the fact that we can mount a good defense near B based on the geography between A and B, and the short distance between C, D, and E. If worst comes to worse and we lose B, we can mount a pretty good defense between C and B.

        That essentially leaves 2 squads for C, and one each for B, D, and E, and one floater squad that could start at A and then adjust based on how it plays out.


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          Re: Defense of Charlie

          The airfield must not be allowed to be captured by the other team. If they do, we will lose our air assets and it will hamper our abilities as a team. I would recommend 1-2 squads to defend strictly the airfield, primarily the large hangar with all debris in it.


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            Re: Defense of Charlie

            Can we move this stuff to the generic defense thread?


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              Re: Defense Strategy

              As posted in the forums to spur on some thought. We need to free up our air assets to prevent boat landings since javelins cannot lock on the boats.

              Originally posted by DocGuo View Post

              I along with xBadger, sproge, and madmoone83 ran a dedicated soflam/javelin squad.
              Squad assignments:

              xBadger: Javelin
              sproge: Javelin
              madmoone83: Support (Ammo)
              DocGuo: Soflam

              This was one the most tactically organized games based on the use of the soflam and javelin to defend Wake Island.

              We start the round spawning on Echo flag and set up a defensive soflam pointed towards their carrier.
              There is also a soflam on Alpha from another squad.
              As soon as the transport helicopters moves into range, it is locked on.
              4 javelin missiles start racing towards the transport helicopter and BAM!!! 6 kills...bodies flying everywhere.

              The rest was history.

              We were soon joined by other people who also started carrying javelins. At one point, it became: laser designation...6-8 javelins flying towards the target... wash, rinse, repeat.
              I lost count the number of fast buggies, tanks, amtracs, F-35s, Viper helicopters, and transport helicopters we shot down.
              The rest of our team played a critical role that allowed us to maintain our position with constant laser designations.
              We had a squad on Echo that defended incoming attacks from the tip of the island.

              We lost Alpha and Bravo around 10 minutes into the game, but maintained Charlie, Delta, and Echo for the rest of the round.
              From our position on Echo, we denied fast moving buggies and tanks from across atoll denying them easy access to Charlie.
              We also denied attack helicopters and transport helicopters at the same time.

              When it comes to the internal TG-scrim, there is a lot to be learned about this combo.
              Having ~2 squads can make the incoming attacks nearly impossible if you don't expect this kind of defense.

              One thing to note, fast boats cannot be targeted meaning tactical insertions could make a huge difference.
              Let's also not forget that the soflam does have a singular weakness.


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                Re: Defense Strategy

                Badger and I ran a similar squad, and while we lost the round, we controlled the tanks and choppers when we did run it.

                The optimal positions seem to be at the inside beaches of B and D, closer to the ends of the island. you get maximum coverage from these points. Just to note, any squad that runs this setup needs to coordinate with another squad in case meds are needed. Too many times I've found myself at less than health for longer than I should have been.


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                  Re: Defense Strategy

                  Agree that defense of C is paramount. A good Air Defense Vehicle can deny a lot of the enemies attempts, I've had rounds where with the ADV sat on the little hill next to the main C flag area.

                  This allows you to cover your own aircraft spawns, you can destroy all the walls on the terminal building so you can hit any inf that move onto the flag, and you have a good sight lines into the bay and on the hill you can see over the trees a bit to get choppers that move along each 'prong' of the island. Only got to be careful of C4 infantry sneaking up on you as you have limited depression of the guns to see below you.
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                    Re: Defense Strategy

                    So whats the overall strategy? Bulk of defense centered on C, SOFLAM and Javelin wrecking any air assets trying to come in along with the mobile AA patrolling along C.

                    May i suggest that we keep any armor that spawns occupied constantly. If they steal any armor as it spawns, no matter the flag, it'll be a massive pain in the neck to whoever is defending. That's a favorite tactic of mine (especially the tank that spawns near the end of the runway at C.)

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                      Re: Defense Strategy

                      We need to identify our team member most experienced in the use of the Anti Air Vehicle (AAV) located at the hanger.

                      This weapon requires practice to master and the gunner/driver will be up against very experienced pilots who know exactly how to take out the AAV.

                      So, who among us is not SLing or a pilot and IS very adapt at the use of the AAV (I am not!).

                      Please step forward!


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                        Re: Defense Strategy

                        If no one volunteers, i can happily grind my way up the AAV over the next week. I love the vehicle and haven't practiced enough.

                        My Resume includes Pirate, Mercenary, and a Devil Dog, what else do you want.

                        Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.

                        When you can't run anymore, you crawl and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you.


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                          Re: Defense Strategy

                          I have the AAV fully unlocked and enjoy destroying air assets.


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                            Re: Defense Strategy

                            The following is a draft defensive strategy with high level squads.

                            These are initial assignments.

                            Squad 1: Air
                            Buflak(SL) - Viper
                            Sir-Nerd - Viper gunner
                            thegreatnardini - SU35
                            Beseige82 (MAV?)

                            Squad 2: A

                            Squad 3: C
                            Draeh (AAV)

                            Squad 4: C

                            Squad 5: Flex, start at A-B
                            DrBeat (SL)
                            Unload (MBT)

                            Squad 6: Flex, start at D-E, responsible for watching C!!!

                            Squad 7: E
                            Project(SL) (MBT?)

                            DrBeat and Flip, where your squads flex starts with you and your observations. Each of you are helping with a leg of the island to start.

                            We all collapse back to C if needed. Do not retake E or A and overextend us, this is bad. I'd much rather keep B-E if we have to choose, A is much easier to defend against with the bridge and distance to B.

                            If someone has figured out the math on bleed for this map, please share.


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                              Re: Defense Strategy

                              Roger. We'll be up at A and get a SOFLAM set up on overwatch of the carrier/lagoon area and have one javelin to support it. We'll likely be the first target for incoming air and possibly sea assets, which should provide other squads' javelins opportunities to rain death as they approach.




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