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  • [BRAVO] Lessons Learned

    Thanks all for showing up, I wish we had done better also. I had a good time.

    Lessons Learned:

    Commander vs. Team Captain - I get the sense that those that wanted a commander expected one, where-as we had a team captain who helped organize the team. In the future, if you feel strongly there should be a commander that sits back and watches over everything and makes calls during the game, step up and be that commander.

    Strategies - We didn't get very strong support on the strategies. Next time, please get more involved. I threw something together, but I didn't get the sense that folks were that involved (some were of course, and for those that contributed, thanks).

    Bleed strategy - We tried to wing it during the rounds but I think they did this better - they went for the foothold, and didn't waste tickets/push hard on C. Something to think about next time, is managing bleed.

    Small things - We didn't plan that well for the small things, like Mavs and Soflams. We also didn't use the perks that well for the armor like smoke (at least I didn't for the one Amtrak run).

    Comms - I used V for SL-SL chat, and soon realized during the first round the problem with this, this key is bound to change your rate of fire, and I lost many of my firefights being on single shot : )

    Please post your thoughts/lessons learned.

    Just wanted to get these down while they were fresh, I am looking forward to the next one!



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    Re: Lessons Learned

    Project and all,

    I must admit to having considered stepping up as a CO and chickened out. That that I would have made a difference I cannot say, but now I will never know.

    Project did a great job as team captain, and thank you for all the effort.

    I messed up on the SquadTalk by forgetting to execute the darn thing during most of the 1st round (@SL on).

    When it was on comms were at times pretty messed up -- and I was certainly one of the guilty parties.

    Planning and strategies can always be improved. The important thing is that we demonstrated that a TG Scrim in BF3 is a heck of a lot of fun and very challenging.

    I think next time I will push for not ALL SLs in squadtalk together, but put teams of squads together. Two to three SLs in a whisper channel acting as a platoon, with a CO overseeing the whole affair on SquadTalk to all SLs.




    This thread should go in the general BF3 forum for all to read and benefit from.


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      Re: Lessons Learned

      Originally posted by E-Male View Post
      I think next time I will push for not ALL SLs in squadtalk together, but put teams of squads together. Two to three SLs in a whisper channel acting as a platoon, with a CO overseeing the whole affair on SquadTalk to all SLs.
      That could be cool.


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        Re: Lessons Learned

        One thing i noticed as the venom pilot was that me being in the air for half of the attack and our squad also using a soflam lowered our combat effectiveness. If anything the transport either needs to be played more loosely, as in if a squad needs it they take it or that pilot should just be with the other air assets and used as a spawn beacon to all squads and work through the sl channel to be more effective.



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          Re: Lessons Learned

          Project, thanks for setting everything up for our team.

          I agree with the assessment that a CO is necessary. While I don't feel I'm qualified to take that role, having one person with a vision of how the strategy should be executed will help to keep the squads organized. While BF3 doesn't have the commander tools available like previous games, we could probably develop our own methodologies as a substitute. In the post-scrim TS channel, E-Male made a good point about how commanders have always developed ways to keep up to speed with what was taking place with their forces even if their technology was limited. It seems that we have been forced into a limited technology situation by DICE so we may have to put our engineering hats on and find a decent solution ourselves.

          Looking back as far as offensive strategy goes with Wake Island, I think we overestimated the importance of taking C and underestimated the importance of the SOFLAM/Javelin combo. If I remember correctly (and be sure to correct me if this is wrong), but I think there was a point where we had secured the majority of flags with the exception of C. I think that the push for C after securing those flags weakened the defense on those points and allowed the other team to retake them. It seems like that is where the tide really turned in the game.

          Looking back, if we had held those flags and set up SOFLAM/Javelin teams just outside of C on both sides of the island, we could have negated the effectiveness of their air and armor while bleeding them out.

          I think our assessment of the importance of keeping C was correct. However, we again underestimated the importance of the SOFLAM/Javelin combo and their armor punished us for it. After Bravo flag fell, there were a number of squads fighting to try to get it back. However, the armor support the other team's infantry had really made it difficult to gain a foothold there. I really couldn't say anything about how the game went elsewhere.

          I had a lot of fun in the scrim! I'll definitely try to get in on the next one=)
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            Re: Lessons Learned

            Project, appreciate your efforts in organizing our team and leading my squad. They were both fun rounds, I didn't feel like our team was out of either of them, it really could have gone either way but I believe it was their intel and communication that gave them the edge. That and armor domination.

            They had better intel from CO position and therefore structure as a team. Simple as that. And then all the little details that fell into place from there such as our soflam/javelin not staying effective (enemy mav took out quite a few if I recall correct), our bleed management, and our armor.

            Also, Project - I had the same problem the other night with v key binded to SL-comm !! So annoying, and I can't imagine how frusttrating that would have been in a scrim :(
            Alpha may have had the more fail-safe solution by setting up whisper lists etc.

            I am now wondering if perhaps practicing a commander-like role some time in game would be a good idea for getting prepared next time around. I used to like being commander in 2142 and the role is definitely missed these days in bf3.

            Anyways, great fun everyone it was an honor serving in battle with you for the first ever BF3 scrim! Cheers to many more. :row1_7:

            * Tactical Skid Loader specialist *
            BF2142 Vet, Hopeful for BF4. Currently playing Airmech [Open Beta]& TF2


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              Re: Lessons Learned

              These are great comments, and E-Male is right we should probably move these thoughts to the main forum (I'll start), since you always learn more from losing then winning.

              Looking at their comments, it doesn't appear they played a CO role, their squads had secondary objectives and they managed them well (better?).




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