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The Community Events forum and your teams planning forum

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  • The Community Events forum and your teams planning forum

    This forum contains two subforums for planning internal and external Tactical Gamer BF3 scrims and events.

    Access is granted through Permissions Groups and only to people who have registered for a specific event.

    You must be registered in the event signup thread before applying to join the Permission Group.

    To join the correct Permission group:
    • Check which team you are on, you will be assigned to Alpha or Bravo.
    • Go to the Permission Groups page
    • Apply to join "BF3 - Scrim Team Alpha" or "BF3 - Scrim Team Bravo" Permission group by clicking the toggle next to the name, and clicking submit.
    • The organizers will then approve the request and you will be see and be able to access your team's forum under the Community Events forum.

    After the event, the Permission Groups are reset, and all posts from the team subforums will be moved here to allow both sides to learn from each other, and so that new planners can learn from the experience and plans of previous events. Administrative threads like check in, drop outs, or similar will not be preserved.

    Each teams threads are prefixed with [ALPHA] and [BRAVO] respectively to indicate where they came from.
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