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Overall Plan (TG scrim 3/3/12)

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  • [BRAVO] Overall Plan (TG scrim 3/3/12)

    First off, instead of setting up two different plans on this map, the strategy I plan to use will be pretty much universal to the map. You'll see why in a moment. But first, squad break down.

    Alpha Defense

    Bravo Defense

    Charlie Overwatch

    Delta Attack

    Echo Attack

    Foxtrot Response (This will be my squad and will only have 3 members, counting myself.)

    Alpha and Bravo, are to maintain the flags closest to our UCB. Play a forward defense, but make sure you cover flanking routes. Once I can get everyone on TS I'll go over specific areas. Also, if the enemy does get thru, these two squads are to provide backup for each other, with Foxtrot assisting.

    Charlie has a very important but dangerous assignment. Cover the bridge between A and D and the stairs out of the river. I recommend C4 or Claymores for the stairs.

    Delta and Echo, are going to be putting pressure on C. This is the flag we need to force bleed. Other than capping C there shouldn't be a reason to cross the river, unless they leave a back flag unguarded. If they do that, Charlie will be the squad to cross the river.

    Foxtrot, command squad. I personally will be with Charlie squad, providing MAV support for the attack and river crossing defense. My two squadmates will be Mortors, one Smoke, the other Frag. Basically, as I mark enemy positions, they will drop shells. Or to help cover Delta and Echo's attack on C.

    Basically, this is going to be a grindout. We will not let any enemy across the river.

    This will provide 15 people for our flag defenses total, and 8 attackers. C will win or lose this map. Either side.

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    Re: Overall Plan

    Some comments on the map:

    While I value C as the flag we need for bleed it may not be the best flag. It is difficult to move in as well as move out of unless pressure is elsewhere. What is your plan if we are never able to take C? Smoke is a big factor being that the battleground is just streets. If we use it properly it can have a big impact. The middle bridge is the key. Even if we do not hold C we can over crossfire or even stage an alternative attack the bottleneck at C. This is also a good spot to launch smoke. You want to smoke the allies and main roads but leave the main East-West water road free of smoke to create a no-mans land. Also if you hold the main bridge you effectively lock down any chance of people sneaking to the other side. If we want to hold our side of the river the best place to fight them is on their side. As for the C flag itself both side have a difficult approach but once you set up on the opposite side of C and secure the water streets you can force them to defend the respective flag E or B.

    This map is far from balanced. Each side has some key spots that are key to victory.
    US Side:
    Big thing is that the US side can get across the water much faster. This can allow for a early attack on D that may be just what we need to take C. The North water road is also more exposed to fire from the West as if has superior cover just north of C. The south road E is easier to attack than B and offers more cover. The US flags are also offer a closer spawn to the South river road compared to the distance between D and E for the north road. This means that the North road is also weak to attacks. While this means we have more ground to fight we also don't have to go past the north water road. Overall a safe and stable state for the US side is securing the north Side of C and firing down the water road while taking the main bridge and setting defensive teams to cover the main road and east ally leading to D. Once we reach this point it will become difficult for the other team to move out because of the natural no-mans lands.

    RU Side:
    The best part of this side is that It has a direct road to C which I believe is closer. Also as stated above the north side of C has good cover and while we control that we can C will always be ours or at least be under constant and effective pressure. If we do lose the north side of C we are in trouble. US side flags are closer to the river but over less ground and cover. This means that if we are able to grab the main bridge we can shoot them as they leave their flags The south river road is something we don't necessarily want to try to hold but it is the no-mans land that we want to establish for a stable state. We cannot lose D at any cost. The RU side has so many places to hid it is ridiculous and once they get on the north side it becomes very difficult to effectively clear it. Making sure they never get a foot hold on the north side is the key. If we do that C will fall into our hands granted we never lose the north side of C.

    Last Notes:
    A is weak to attack if you can get across the river being that it is so close. A's flag radius favors the north side of the flag. E is not a good place to fight. D is impossible to clear. and C is stinking bridge. B is just a death trap that is a roll of the dice on whether you come in front or behind the enemy. Don't underestimate taking a flag across the river. It greatly increase the places they are weak to. For US I would A B and D are the best flags to have because E is hard to fight out of and the road from C to B is very open. Similarly for RU the A flag is very close to the river. A few smokes can cover the crossing and then before you know it is under immediate pressure and is at least very annoying for the other side. Most importantly we should use and expect the use of SMOKE!


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      Re: Overall Plan

      Thanks hardwind for the excellent writeup, I will definately take this into account. I'm trying to setup a Area denial defense. Which ever side of the bridge we are on, none shall pass. There are 4 paths that they can take to get to our flags. The canal acts as a natural funnel. Both canal stairs, and the 2 bridges. We need to make it deadly for them to cross any of those. One bridge is the third flag and will be tied up with the two attack squads backed up by Charlie squad. The other bridge is a strait line to either teams must vulnerable flags, which is why i want to setup a "wall" around it for them to bash themselves on. B can become a Fortress and not worth grinding tickets to take if we don't own it to start with.

      Defense Squads A and B, look at doing 3 Medics, 2 with M320, one smoke, one frag. The last a medic bag. Last member should be Support. I will leave it up to each SL for final load out, but this is my suggestion.

      Charlie Squad will need 1 recon with MAV to assist in Defense Spoting. The MAV can be used to setoff team mates C4, if they die. Also, catching the enemy with their own Claymores is fun too, but hard.


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        Re: Overall Plan

        RU deployment:
        • C will be the flag to focus on for attack.
        • Mortor Team will cordinate a 3 count between them and start shelling A alley ASAP. Both will be using Frags.
        • Atleast 1 M320 with Smokes to help cover attackers advance.

        US Deployment:
        • D will be primary focus for attack from A-D bridge.
        • We will need to Mortar South of E flag intersection, similar to how we mortar A as RU.
        • We will need to Smoke the bridge.




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