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Revised Plan 2/27 (TG scrim 3/3/12)

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  • [BRAVO] Revised Plan 2/27 (TG scrim 3/3/12)

    Delta Squad and Echo Squad will be the attack squads.

    Alpha Squad and Bravo Squad will be Defense Squads.

    Charlie Squad will provide overwatch on both bridges.

    Foxtrot Squad will provide Mortor and MAV support.

    RU deployment: (Goal: Capture and Hold C,D,E)
    Alpha Squad flag is D. You will cap it, then move to a forward position on our side of canal to support Charlie Squad. Bravo Squad flag is E. Once you cap it, setup a forward defense, and overwatch the attack squads. Delta and Echo Squads will push C flag, if possible push the enemy back in to B. Mortar team will cordinate fire with a 3 count between each other firing. This will provide the most consistant barrage. Charlie squads main purpose is to blunt the enemies counter push. On RU side, they will do this by occupying the A-D bridge. Charlie squad will have Priority on calling Mortar strikes. If they do not need them, assist the attacking Squads.

    US deployment: (Goal: Capture and Hold A,B,D)
    Alpha Squad flag is B. Cap it and then move to assist Charlie squad contain C. Bravo Squad flag is A. Once capped, the squad will move to cover A-D Bridge. Delta and Echo squad will move across A-D bridge and cap D. Once they have D, they will defend it, one squad covering the Archway to RU spawn, the other covering the hallway to the Road. After D is Capped, Bravo squad will move onto the A-D bridge and provide firesupport for the assualt on C. Charlie squad is to put pressure on, and if possible hold, C. Mortar team is to hammer the end of the Triangle building south of E. You have 15 seconds after round starts to put the first rounds down.

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    Re: Revised Plan 2/27

    The only difference in either of these plans was having the 2 man mortar teams strike the same target, it allowed us to focus mortar support on the attacking squads, and help Charlie and Defense squads blunt any attempts to push the line, at the same time. We also had a bit of a motto, none shall cross the river. For the most part we were able to maintain that.




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